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Went for a play on an R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. I got myself a little bit of a test ride on my first 600, It was an 03 model R6
    Off the mark the power was a bit of fun, I had to be gentle feeding out the clutch.
    Once I got moving the throttle response was smooth and controlled. The sensation of speed wasn’t apparent so I was getting a little nervous about how fast I was moving. In corners it felt a little heavy, there was a delay in the tip in, then it went in nice and solid. Meaning I had to lift it out several times from over doing it.

    At the first set of lights I filtered up to the front, at the change I fed the power out smoothly and confidently. Then moved on to the freeway. I know I didn’t use all the power the bike had, and that it was willing to give me more, but anything over 10K revs was just a blast. As I got some comfort moving around on the bike, I got better feel for the movement, and better confidence tipping it in. clutchless changes were a bit jerky because of how little throttle twitch you need to match (I was over doing it) The wrists & shoulders were feeling it after 15 mins or so, I could ware a pack on the bike, but it would probably take some real getting used to. When just getting feel of the buzz over 8krpm she gave me $148 before I had blinked, and was able to return from .40 - $120 in one gear (I think it was second)

    The indicator lights on the dash were a little small and easy to miss, but when you paid attention all of the instruments were very clear and easy to note.

    At 6 Foot and 75kg it felt very comfortable, Yes I’d be happy to ride this bike more, and even have one in my garage. For a twisties toy it would make for a bucket load of fun. I am just not sure if My wrists are up to it for the daily commute.

    Getting into corners on the R6 Was a little hesitant as described above, but coming out of them was simply a case of a little throttle and a twitch of the hips and she just stood up and powered on.

    Getting back on the ZZR felt really sluggish, but it felt considerably more nimble, I felt I could just throw the ZZR at a corner compared to the R6, and then just stand it back up on queue. But it did feel a lot twitchier.

    Time to find a couple of different CBRs and some GXSRs and a Kwaka or to so that I can make some comparisons… Then I will also have to play on a 675 just to be sure…

  2. Thanks for the review, keep them coming :)
  3. Um, yeah. You're supposed to use the clutch, I think.
  4. Actually clutchless changing on a bike is quite common, a lot of people clutch to get past neutral, but dont bother with it after that.

    Jumping onto a new bike will always feel a bit odd for a while whilst clutchless shifting.

    Did you do the compulsory mono from every set of lights?
  5. I was having a go at all the techniques I normaly work with.
    As for the lifting the front, Nahh I was being a bit tender off the line, once i get a fiew more 600s behind me I might get a little more adventuros.
  6. Particularly while it is in breakin period.
  7. Interesting, why do you think this was the case? The ZZR was lighter and hence easier to throw around?
  8. Keep the reviews coming - I'll be testing next week.

    9 days to go!
    8-[ :dance:
  9. Weight is the initial thought, but in reality the weight diference is prety minor. The Bigger Tires are probably a bigger factor, it just means they don't tip in as quick.
  10. i have always wondered about this. i am able to do it on my bike and have found the right rpms to do it without crunching the gears, but hardly ever do it as i feared it was bad for the bike. if the gears dont crunch and it goes in smoothly is this an "ok" thing to do?
  11. No clutchless shifts will not kill youor bike, in fact if done properly they can be extreemly smooth.

    Yes if done poorly they do clunk, but clutched shifts do that often any way.
    they are not particularly faster than clutched shifts, they are not necisary, they are just an other techniquie you can use on your bike (Especially at the end of a long day in the twisties when you clutch hand is hurting)

    i used to think it only worked at high revs, but since getting practice at it i find it is actually most effective when you are just crusing about, (you can get gear changes that you just don't feel, they are that smooth)
  12. I think an 03 R6 would be a bit past its break in :D
  13. how did the weight of the bike feel?
  14. Hmmm... Please try the Daytona and tell us about it!!! :grin:
    I just bought the CBR 600RR '03 myself, but would've chosen the 675 if I could afford her. :cry:
  15. I suspect it's due to the chassis stiffness and geometry on the R6. Mabye COG too.

    The R6 needs to be more stable at high speed, so will require firmer inputs to turn in.

    As you said, tyre width is a factor too.
  16. I thought I could handle an r6, comin from my superfast honda nsr150 (first bike)

    holy COW!!!
    absolutely blew me away! Holding on for dear life when i passed about 5k RPM, backed off before 8k.
  17. But it is smooth on the power.
    I liked how much control I had of the R6 power.
    I had to twist to feel that it was a stress, though I will grant I didn't do any real amount of spliting.
  18. You'd still be bogging down doing that on an '06+ R6 :)
  19. true, it is a little bit with my 07, but when you hit 11k thats when you have to hold on for dear life!