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Went down on the weekend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RGVMAN, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. It all happend saturday arvo. I was riding down salisbury highway when a short but heavy down pour began. I was a bit cranky coz i was less than a kay away from my mates house. Anyway I came to a set of lights were I could turn right with care, so realising the conditions weren't the best I began slowing down avoiding all the white markings (coz we all know how slippery they are in the wet.) I entered the corner at about 20km/h began to lean slightly when BAM! Im sliding along the road chasing my bike. Im fine except for my ego, but I snapped my rear brake leaver and scrached my right faring! :cry: Im not sure whether I slipped on the edge of the thick white stop line or a little oil in the middle of the intersection left from cagers turning right! :cry:

  2. Bugger :(

    Glad you're ok.

  3. bugger, gee I guess you never expect to drop it going that slow!!!

    glad you're ok, should be able to fix the bike for not too much cash.
  4. well only damage to ur bike
  5. been there done that ..... it is embarrasing isnt it , and it all happens so quick , glad you are ok
  6. Dont worry RGVMAN. All the pro's have come down the same way also.

    Nothing to be embarrassed about.....
  7. your ok mate and the damage is minimal. i wouldnt worry bout it to much
  8. Hi RGVMAN. Do your dropping on 250's. Doing them on sports bikes costs
    1000's. What intersection was it ?

  9. That's bad luck dude. Sometimes it can't be predicted. You saw a risk, rode accordingly and unfortunately dinged your bike. :(

    Bright side is, you're ok and will live to drop it again. :LOL:
  10. Bugger....

    I've done similar on the old across, brake pedal, mirror and indicator... plus ego.

    <sigh> you walked away, and learnt a lesson, it's all good.
  11. done that b4, riding just as it begins to rain or drizzle probably one of the worst times cant be helped if you left when it was dry and started to rain later.
    droped my 250 in the wet too..
  12. stop crashing people :(
  13. As long as you walk away from it you shouldn't be too harsh on yourself...bikes can be fixed.
  14. It was Salisbury Highway and Spains Road.
  15. Wow glad your alrite, just amazing how easy it is to lose traction isn't it?
  16. Yeah tell me about it! But now it give me an excuse to get the whole bike sprayed black! :D
  17. F*ck.. thats a real bummer, when ya taking care (slowing down to that
    speed) & U still come off :mad:

    Ya must've hit some oil dude :cry:
  18. :(
    I went down almost the same way a few months ago those intersections can be real bad just after a downpour if it hasn't rained much beforehand, good thing is you came out of it with basically no damage to you or the bike.