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well wishes needed please

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. hey everyone

    had a bit of a rough day / week.

    this week we were informed that our jobs would be no longer, and we've got two weeks left. we were bummed, but understood, as since the floods and all the rest of the crazy weather in QLD... well, 1770 has been a ghost town - MASSIVE backpackers hostels with normally 50-90 people, generally well packed have maybe 5 staying if they're lucky... people still think we're underwater, which we never were, we were just isolated for a couple of days.

    anyways, i was okay with it, but my mum ... well, not so great. she kind of wants to live here permanently, and her losing this job that she saw as something for the next few years minimum... well, she's bummed out. so, she's desperately looking for work in this now ghost town, that's not been this quiet since like... the early '90's.

    so, i'm like, that's cool, i've got a house for free accom in sydney, so i'll be right. mum has a place she can stay at till at least may... so she's at least got a roof over her head.

    then with all this news, and no money for my mum, and our dog being really old... yeah, it was time. my beautiful... our beautiful Prudence, almost 13 years of age, almost blind and almost entirely deaf... we put her down this morning at about 10am at the vets. she knew... you know how dogs have that incredible way of knowing things? well, she stood on the table, looked from mum to me, gave mum and me a lick on the nose, and just looked into mums eyes until she passed.

    this dog annoyed the hell out of me at times, but i loved her dearly. i especially loved her immensely more so since i came to QLD, and spent these last few months with her. mum and her other dog Bruce would walk ahead on the beach, and i'd walk slow for Prudence, and each time i picked up a new shell, she'd sniff it out and either give it a yes or a no.

    she was my beach dog. she was mums dog for the rest of the time... but it meant the world going for a walk on the beach with Prudence, and our time together.

    i've never lost an animal i'd had such a connection to in this way, so today we had a very unhappy day. watched two DVD's, i bought mum an antique genie looking lamp and a book, we had cheese & biccies and drinks on the verandah with some friends tonight and mum... i don't know if she's going to be alright.

    please send your wishes across for my mum, she needs as much luck and happiness and love in her life as she can get right now. i'm so thankful for Bruce, her other dog, being such a wonderful dog as he is, i just wish i could get her out of this funk, get her a job and a proper home.

    this is a picture of Prudence...


    this is Bruce and Prudence (she's the smiling one)...


    and mum holding Prudence (as she couldn't walk up hills too well) and Bruce saying "well!? come on!"


    i now understand what's it's like to lose a close pet. Pru will be missed greatly.

    here's to my mum getting a new job, a new place to live, and hopefully sometime this year, a new puppy to help put a smile on her face :)
  2. best wishes to you and your fammily holy its hard to loose a pet thats so close hpe the jobs and acomadation work out to
  3. thanks greg :) means a lot
  4. Best wishes too LC. Me and the family are still smarting from the loss of our first dog 4 years ago. To add all this other stuff on top would be unbearable. I hope that something comes your mums way soon.

    Hold Bruce tight.

  5. I dont have the words to say it,
    I feel for you and your Mum,
    My best wishes to you both,
  6. thanks guys.

    bruce has had more cuddles and kisses and hugs than he knows what to do with - so he's very happy and exhausted.

    my mum is out of tears i think, from today. she's leaving it till tomorrow to read her facebook messages, the dog forum she's on and her emails.

    i want her more than anything to get through this, independent, confident, with a job and a house and happy.
  7. forgive me if i sound blunt, i too have lost (though love, not a pet. i know how much it hurts)
    we get knocked down to see how we get back up. there'll always be another house, another job, another town to live in. what matters is that you don't just sit on the curb crying defeat.
    keep the memories in your heart and prudence will be with you forever
  8. Well, if it makes your mum or you feel any better (which i doubt it does) Your prudence has no comprehension of death, animals cant think of it, it requires imagination (which they dont have).
    I know it sounds clinical, but it helps make the harsh world survivable

    But know that it dies, experiencing love... A true belonging. The kind it can never get in the wild. In the wild it would have been pushed out of the pack a long time ago. It would be seen as a liability to the packs survival. It died with its "master" by its side, sad.. Mourning its death.... It's life was great... Only what all beings hope for...

    I hope it all goes well. I know i sound like a hippocrite, but for every avenue that closes, it is an opportunity to flourish.. a chance to be more than what you were... If you are going to crash, make the biggest explosion that has ever been.... rather than fizzle out..

    In conclusion (i bet you're sick of me already) Go for it!!!
    I hope it all goes well!! Truly!!
  9. When i lost one of my two dogs about 8 years ago (classic big dog (chloe) small dog (blackie-the one i still have pair)), black who had spent his whole life with her was more of a wreck then me. Sure i was devastated as id had chloe for 11 years, but i was so concerned about my little man and the fact he was just flopping around the house whimpering as though doing his best to wish himself dead, that i hardly noticed my own grief over it until after he settled down.

    Chloe too was a needle, and the stupidass vet broke two off trying to find her veins. She had a weak heart and her hips were on their way out... and then she copped pneumonia and didnt respond at all to treatment, so i made that heart wrenching decision to have it done.
    The vet also tried not to let me watch and hold her... another reason he nearly got stabbed with his own needle. Im glad i got to hold her as she passed though, and in a similar way, she licked my hand, looked up and me... and she knew what was happening. A little wag of the tail and she laid across my lap. Sad just remembering it... and thats 8 years now!

    Anyway, after black settled and became the biggest lap seeking missile you ever saw (always used to lay snuggled into or on top of chloe), i figured i could put the grief away and hold onto the fond memories. These days poor old black (hes 12 now) is wrestling with a young kitten, who is keeping him on his toes. He loves her though, protects her and watches to see that she has eaten enough food before he devours her left overs :p. Going to be interesting when the cat is bigger then him :D.

    Hol, doors open and close. Its a shame things have turned out the way they have up there, you guys were so excited to have that seachange. Hopefully the next door that opens for you is a good one. Thoughts and wishes are there for you both. Pretend to be a cat and land on your feet :).

    edit: i dunno killbot... my dog seems to be able to think things up :p i might misunderstand playfulness and curiosity as imagination though, but the line is pretty fine in there.
  10. I had a dog since I was about 15. Not having the best of upbringings he was my best mate, and when shit was ****ed up I used to go chill with my dog. When he died I was distraught. Losing your dog is like losing your best friend. Anyway, I was stubborn, and went for ages without a dog. Bought one for the wife 2 years ago, should have done it 7 years ago. Once you have a dog in your life, you need another. The new dog is not the same, but you love them the same.
  11. Like that last line TRA.
    They are never better dogs, they are just different dogs :).

    Hol i bet any money that when things settle down... say within a year you will have a dog of your own. You know what they are like now :D. Awesome companions who love you unconditionally (as long as you are good to them :p). Blackie though... now he is just a mercenary - he will show love to whoever fed him last.
  12. Thats so sad to hear Holly, loosing a dog and what happened up in Qld is devastating. Hope you guys well. Visit a pound and get another dog, I know its not a replacement but at least with a pound dog you know that youve rescued one dog from a certain death.
  13. Very sad to hear about your doggie. We have two little ones and we just love them to bits. I am dreading the day we lose them. I hope things improve soon for you and your mum. The Queensland weather has caused many people to lose their jobs, we own our own business and even so, it has been hit extremely heavily in what should be our busiest time of the year. Chin up, better times ahead, as they say. Another dog in a few months would help ease the heartache, not to replace, but to give and receive love unconditionally always.
  14. Wish I hadn't read this just before leaving for a ride :(
    Will contact you after lunch holly...
  15. thanks guys, but i'm not the one that needs the well wishes. i've got my dog and cat, (and 3 other dogs - my brothers) waiting for me in sydney!

    and mum has bruce, and due to lack of knowing what's happening next, ie house job etc, she can't get a new dog straight away.

    i know the whole closing doors and shit, but it's not that simple up here. one cafe FIRED ELEVEN STAFF... now they only have three. they went from a SLOW week being $3,000 in cash, to now, a GOOD week being $900.

    this town, yeah, will pick back up. but when? next year?

    i'm just worried my mum will get a job that won't be enough hours during the week to pay for rent/fuel/dog food/her food etc.

    or that she won't find a job at all.

    no offence, the forgotten, but losing a pet is very different to a person leaving you.

    she's been in our family since she was 4, was a rescue pug, she'd had a disc removed in her back and her previous owners beat her. she got a whole new life with us, and had some very humanistic traits.
  16. thank you very much. that means the world to us :)

    i really do want to get her a puppy (from a rescue shelter), but can't do so till she's got the job and house etc.
  17. best wishes, LC, I hope things work out for you, short-term and longer :)
  18. Sorry to hear you and your mum are going through such a rough time.

    As far as looking for work - what skills does she have? Also, what interests? Is there some way she could turn a hobby into a job?
  19. i never said she left me, i said i lost her. it wasn't her choice to leave
  20. "Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'll be up again, but life goes on. "

    Lifes a roller coaster mate but you and your mum will be back on your feet in no time.

    All the best for the future.