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Well what do ya know? Another newbie....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ShoveLhead, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. G'day guys, 25yo newbie, I too have been in "cloak mode" on here and have been observing, and constantly amazed at how clean, tidy and down to business this forum is..Yet its funny, heaps of fun and a wealth of information! Ok enough sucking up...(seriously though I look forward to being a regular on here!)

    I have my NSW L's booked in and am going to do the course in about 3 weeks... Over the space of about 2 years and in long intervals between each session, I have at slow speeds, in car parks and back yards ridden the following mates/workmates bikes around to get a taste of beginner riding:

    1) Suzuki GN250
    2) Honda VTR250
    3) Yamaha XVS_650 Dragstar
    4) Honda CB250
    5) Suzuki DR250

    The Dragstar was a real beast and although the size was intimidating at first, I loved it due to my real passion... being Choppers. The owner was more than happy to let me, I thought she was insane but I took the challenge and it was very much me. The VTR was also a demon was worried about the potential to "highside" since its really nimble and felt like it was quicker than the CB250 and GN250...

    Yes I am an idiot for riding around a car park at night without a licence, but I am doing it the proper way from now on with no riding until my pre Learners course.

    I was a little discouraged at the idea of motorcycle riding because everyone kept telling me to get the GN250 or CB250 and as soon as I said "cruiser" they freaked. I'm 5'11 and 90kgs, the only 250 that felt right and comfortable to me was the Honda VT250C that I sat on at the dealer....

    I love sports bikes (particularly the GSX-R750) and am a fan of MotoGP and SBK but that (Sportsbikes) isn't the path I am gonna take later....

    It will be Harleys, large Metric Cruisers and Choppers and I figure a cruiser on your L's would be a good way to get started.... Frowned and snarled upon by regular motorcycle riders (supposedly), some cruiser guys and gals are quite a nice bunch..I'll be in that category!

    Anyways enough random useless chatter from me! Lets talk Learner bikes for the "stubborn mind set on cruiser Learner rider" category which is....you guessed it... me! I've been through this with mates and with people at work. And they just drill me each day for wanting a cruiser. with such cool anti cruiser fan learner comments such as:

    "250 cruisers are gutless!!!" "650 cruisers are a pig and will crush you when you drop one on the first corner", its amazing how there are cruisers in the first place!

    One of the few who will just say "its your bike, your cash, as long as its legal to ride in NSW" was my dad who learnt on a 750 Norton Commando and recently bought one since that nostalgia bug hit him.

    Since you are all asleep by now and I can't stop talkin here is the list of bikes I am considering getting. If anyone has a recommendation that is not CB250/ZZR250ish and is roughly on the list, or just any advice in general, even the old anti-cruiser spiel, by all means, enlighten me with your advice :)

    The bikes:

    1) Yamaha XVS650 Dragstar 97ish
    2) Yamaha XV400/XV535
    3) Honda Shadow VT600
    4) Honda V25 Custom / VT250C
    5) Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator
    6) Suzuki LS650 Savage Thumper
    7) Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD
    8) Honda Rebel CA250
    9) Yamaha Virago XV250
    10) Suzuki Marauder VZ250

    The last 3 bikes, I will probably outgrow pretty quickly :(

    Anyways this is my first contribution to the boards and I hope it wasn't too painful!! See yas soon, on the road or on here ;)

  2. good to see your over 25 and won't be paying for insurance through the nose like i am! if you really like cruisers, then go the cruisers, cause ultimately thats what you'll ride later. buying a sportsbike would be like buying a soccerball even though you play rugby. and i reckon go the bigger bikes. 650s if theyre learner legal. i swore i wouldn't get tired of my bike quickly but whaddya know. already want a new bike! im on my Ps now and can't wait to get off them onto a bigger bike. i reckon a bigger cruiser would probably cancel itself out anyway. the bigger learner legal sports bikes have a fair bit of get up for a learner but i reckon the cruisers would be pretty safe. anyway, good to see another new south welshman on here and good luck with your bike hunting, your Ls and welcome to the forums!
  3. Welcome to the forum ShoveLhead, the peeps here will keep you enlightened and in stiches. :D
  4. yes welcome, im also a newbie here so its cool to see others on the same level, and hey the whole riding without a licence, yes i know its illegal, but i did it for about a month, and as easy as the 2 day l's course is in SA, i found i had a real advantage over the other riders, it helped with my confidence in the final test as well.

    good luck with it all, i love my sportsbikes, but no matter what the others say, u gotta ride it not them, so live on the cruiser i say!
  5. Welcome to madness that is Netrider Forums, :shock: :shock:
    You'll find the general concencis is to try as many bikes as posible, you'll soon know which bike suits you
    Have Fun :D