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Well wasn't that brilliant...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Get up for the trek in to work this morning, suit up, 1 hour later park the bike..."OH **** LEFT MY WALLET AND PHONE AT HOME"

    well done idiot :roses:...you just got your P's, you looking to lose your license already?!?!?! ](*,)](*,)](*,)

    "AH CRAP, THAT MEANS NO MONEY FOR LUNCH EITHER"...shit, take a look in my desk drawer:

    half a packet of Fizz Buttons
    half a packet of Malt Balls
    half a packet of Vanilla Wafer Slices
    full pack of Sudafed
    two slips of Lemsip

    guess I could throw it all into a blender and fry my brain...that should last half a day. :tantrum:

    fingers crossed the missus can bring my wallet out to me, if i suck up enough...
  2. Aww that sucks mav.
    Tell her if she brings your wallet, you'll take her to lunch?
  3. Not to worry mav, happens to all of us at the least expected times. On the bright side you made it to work without any dramas.
  4. Doesn't sound like a healthy lunch Mav, where do you work? maybe someone could help you out. I'm happy to if you are in Sydney near Central.

    Licence one is a bit more tricky - I've been pulled over before and not had my licence on me - knew my licence number though and was able to provide details of when I was last in contact with the police, that was enough to let me go without a fine. My wife wasn't as lucky, same details re ID check but they gave her a fine, no points though so not sure if you actually would lose your licence.
  5. License loss for forgeting wallet at home????

    I'm sure in VIC, although there is a fine for it, they usually give you 14 days to take it into the nearest police station......
    Unless things have changed here....
  6. She's at work too...on the other side of metro sydney...I'm the crazy one that does the 100km commute every day

    thanks for the offer robbie, i'm in north sydney, i'd rather spend the $4- it costs (that i don't have) on a $4 schnitzel sandwich from downstairs, then give it to the overpriced train system to go 3 bloody stops!! (and then put you out of pocket...)...and i don't have a license on me to ride over either...ironically today is pay day as well...:facepalm:

    on the bright side I have access to Netrider :)
  7. read: NSW
  8. Yeah, know you're in NSW just thought it crazy that you have a loss of license for forgetting it at home....
  9. well if you want to test that theory for me...be my guest

    i'm not testing it till after my P's

    but yeah, food for thought
  10. If you're over 26 you can get away with presenting it at the station later, but if you're under 26 there is now a specific fine for not carrying your licence. They snuck that one in with the new laws for p-platers, but no idea where they pulled the magic number of 26 from.

    From what I could find NSW just fines everybody.
  11. Just take the sudafed, you won't need to eat, & you'll be very productive.
  12. VIC once upon a time used to be the revenue state but I think lately that mantle has been embraced moreso by NSW. Money is no issue but the points is what hurts normally and in a place like NSW with double demerits they basically shaft you.
  13. lol what a joke

    and onwards from 26 is when you become a mature age driver/rider
  14. Mate, You gotta keep a tin of baked beans in your drawer for those forgetful days. No microwave, no dramas, eat it straight out of the tin. I've had a few strange looks for people at work when I've done this. :)
  15. Im just spitting distance from central myself at Pitt Street next to the theatre and the tram lines.

    Mav back pains, forgetfulness…………sounds like you’ve got the grandpa syndrome lol :).
  16. Off topic:

    Ha we probably pass each other each day I'm in Central Square the ugly building just behind the the big crane opposite the theatre. Have to get some pins or something made up so we can recognise netrider folk on the street.

  17. Im at 477 Pitt Street so basically on the other side of the tram track. I dont ride the bike though and prefer to sleep my commute away on the train.

    Im all for that idea, just add a destination since normal google maps doesnt allow markers (easily anyway) and some people cant open google earth.

  18. I'm sorry we can't speak anymore [-(
  19. So, I take it you're not all that popular at work then? :p
  20. haha

    surprisingly I am not that popular at work though - might have something to do with them me thinks