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Well this should make for even more fun riding on the Monash

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Peanuts, Aug 28, 2008.

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  2. Let's give 'em a pat.
  3. Don't start!
  4. What the, a B triple. At what point can we call them road trains?

    After watching the Crash Investigation Unit program last night, I'm even more wary of trucks of all sizes.
  5. They are huge! So when is a road train not a road train? When it is driven on suburban roads!

    But one point being made is that 2 Btriples would replace 3 Bdoubles. hmm spin doctor is in the house.

    What are our alternatives? more trains? less imports? clustered manufacturing?

  6. B triples have been running between Ford in Geelong, to Ford in Broadmeadows for some years now.
    The railways used to run a train between these locations, but now Ford do it in - house.
  7. Driven responsibly I see no problem.

    It means less trucks and less diesel burnt.

    Think about the poor forklift drivers who are going to need to load that bastard up.
  8. Could you imagine trying to reverse the fcuker?

    No thanks!
  9. well since i work at a place that builds semi's, B doubles and road trains... i see 'em every day, so meh.

    how i see it, if a B double hits you, or a B triple, you're farked both ways.

    be smart, stay away from them, and you'll be fine.
  10. Sounds like a good plan, Sheppo.
  11. sure, easy to say when you're doing the speed limit or a tad over and one goes past you doing 120+, because he's empty and late for the next haul.
  12. Then it would be a big problem. I know very few truckers who I would say drive responsibly.
  13. B Triple V Road Trains?
    A B Triple still "only" has 3 trailers attached via turn tables.
    A 3 trailer RT actually has 5 counting the dolly set up in between.
    The dolly's are attached by ring feeders that allow the whole unit to snake all over the road.
    Give me a B Triple any day as far as safety goes.
  14. What was he doing undertaking a turning truck anyway? Large vehicles have every right to use more than one lane when turning, and it isn't the fault of the truck if some dum dum tries to shoot up the side of them.

    I feel bad for the rider, but it's our responsibility to look out for ourselves.
  15. prick :cry:
    spose he may have honestly not known it happened n shit, but i dunno.

    either way, im keen for a pat :grin:
  16. This is why I never, ever drive or ride next to a truck of any size. If I want to get past I find the safest place to do it and then floor it past. The least time spent next to them the better.
  17. That all makes sense. The indicator not working would explain a lot, and the driver stopping and then taking off again is extremely dodgy.

    I drive a photographic location bus for work and I am constantly having to check my blindspot for ignorant road users that don't understand the dynamics of large vehicles. I have almost knocked cyclists off their bikes on more than one occasion simply because they sit alongside the left edge of the bus assuming that they are visible.

    That age old sticker on trucks "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you" should be changed to "If you can't see the whites of my eyes, I suggest you don't stay there long".

    You're right... riding alongside trucks is a very, very bad place to be.
  18. well a B triple is the same as having a B double and a semi on the road (roughly, i wont go into detail on exact weights and lengths).

    what would u rather? 2 trucks or 1??

    for every 2 B triples, it replaces 3 B doubles. so basically one truck rather than 2.

    i, for one, stay the fcuk away from them on the bike and in the car, cause there just as dangerous as a semi. semi, b double, b triple, all bigger, heavier, and wont notice a bike under them.