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Well there's stupid, and then there's this....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by incitatus, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. "The scam was uncovered when Japanese movie star Maiko Kawamaki went on a talk-show and wondered why her new pet would not bark or eat dog food.

    She was crestfallen when told it was a sheep."


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. that's ok, the japs will eat em.


    similar thing happened to tourists in mexico. hairless mice were toy dogs.
  4. Well??? Did the Mexicans eat THEM?? :LOL:
  5. Ok, I may not have been first to post this story, but I am the first to post the appendix to it...

    "But just who was fleeced – confused Japanese pet-lovers or gullible Westerners?

    The author of English-language Japanese blog Cerebral Soup argues that the story is an urban myth which last did the rounds in February 2006.

    The city of Sapporo – where the Poodles as Pets company was alleged to be based – is on the Japanese north island of Hokkaido, which Cerebral Soup claims is the country's "centre of sheep breeding".

    "Sheep are very well known – especially in bloody Sapporo," the blog read.

    Further, the scam had not been reported by Japanese media and there was no trace to be found online of a company called Poodles as Pets.

    So perhaps the story, originally sourced from UK tabloid The Sun, wasn't watertight – but it did offer an opportunity for some early-morning wordplay.

    "The purchasers would be feeling a bit sheepish about having the wool pulled over their eyes," wrote Danny of Melbourne.

    "I think the perpetrators should get a good roasting for fleecing unsuspecting customers."
  6. nah, they smoked em