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Well there's my first accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 3lud13, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. So had an accident last night on great ocean road. My brand new bike is not so new anymore.
    Front tyre hit gravel and lost traction I walked away bike road away after a bit of playing around. Local bloke made me new foot board as mine snapped off, dent in tank annoys me the most as bolt on crash bars snapped and pushed it into tank, Both left indicators wrecked kickstand or something is bent or something as switch keeps sticking, clutch lever took some damage as want activating switch inside properly, left mirror also for scratched up pretty bad, scratch on bottom of fork and scratched front fender.
    I was lucky wearing Kevlar jeans, leather jacket and full face helmet. Ended up with a scratch on knee and elbow helmet and jeans are totaled.
    Most of it I'm not overly worried about gives me a chance to improve things like my crash bars and get spotlights installed, levers I have been looking into changing anyway, guard should buff out with abit of work, ok need new jeans and helmet small price to pay considering it did it's job.
    my biggest issue is the dent in the tank I'm guessing fixing that is replacing tank.
    Is it worth claiming on insurance and what's the procedure if I was too, is gear included or not, would they replace the tank or not worry about something like that.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that... was their gravel on the road or was it target fixation?
  3. Price it out before claiming...just my opinion :)

    Hope you are okay...get checked out just in case now please...esp as helmet totalled. Sheesh! :(

    If you won't go now...promise if you get any ANY teentpy weeny headache, eye blurring etc please get to your local A&E ASAP.
    I reckon you should go anyway...but ...
    Get your scratch (mmm...) checked out as well...have you had a tetanus-containing vaccine recently??
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  4. Oh no, and straight on top of paying for that $500 service! Helmet and jeans totalled? Aaarrrggghhh!! I agree, have a doctor check you over. Sorry to hear about the bike but hey, so long as you are okay! You would have had to have taken the option of covering your gear with insurance, it should be on your policy - I just remember because I only took my insurance out recently. Do you know where to get an opinion? Let me know if you want the number of the guys we were talking about on Saturday.
  5. You'll have to check your insurance pds to find out about your gear.
    I recently had a cager plow into me (they were attempting an illegal u-turn over double unbroken lines & SMIDSY'd me :(, no time to brake as they turned as I was passing them & I already had a buffer zone and even though I swerved to right on the median line they still cleaned me up because of their u-turn manouver. We actually ended up on the opposite side of the road! Lucky the oncoming traffic saw it in time to brake & I got away with just a sore arm)

    To claim my gear I had to provide all receipts & send my damaged gear directly to the insurer for assessment.
    As for claiming the damage on your tank you might as well get everything else fixed, it's the cost of your excess + the time taken for your bike to be at the assessor/repairer vs just doing it yourself + cost of parts

    Edit: Hope you aren't hurt too bad! Hope you get better soon
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    Agree with Oldmaid.
  7. I had some similar damage on my cruiser, and it ended up totalling a couple of grand.
    If you can fix it all yourself then you might save some money depending on your excess.
    See if you can get some prices on a new tank tonight / tomorrow and if they come to close to your excess then I'd just put it all through your insurer.
    If your policy includes gear then it's a no brainer as your gear will see at least $500, then add the cost of the repairs . .
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  8. 3lud133lud13 i'm in the same situation as you atm.. although my bike is fixed (just waiting on the insurance to get the driver to pay the excess.)

    I have my gear insured for $1000 + $500 to cover a replacement helmet.

    Fortunately for me i didn't need to claim anything for gear.

    I would get yourself checked out, as well as checking your policy to see if you have any gear coverage.

    Best of luck with the repairs

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  9. Ouch. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Sorry about the bike and hope it's all sorted out soon.
  10. Hopefully this works
    photo of bike not to bad but can see the new foot board which I'm quite happy with, few scuff marks and the dent.
    Helmet took a huge bent of the force 20150412_100546.
    And jacket just some didn't really, jeans well they have served there purpose
    I have a spot the size of a 20 cent com on knee and elbow and aggregated an old knee injury bit sore today though being able to walk away from a crash and still have bike running gotta be happy with that
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  11. I'm just putting through a claim with RACV after hitting gravel a couple of weeks ago. I'm covered for up to $2K of protective gear, so have replaced my helmet (which was only 2 weeks old), jacket and boots. My bike damage looked minimal, but they replace ANYTHING that has a mark, so the cost of repair has hit $8K just for tank and plastic body items etc. Be careful about putting in a claim before you work out whether they will want to write off your bike. Any damage at all to the frame, even a scratch, and they are almost certain to want to write it off.
  12. Always good to hear a rider come out of a prang ok. Bikes can be fixed.
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  13. glad to hear that you're ok like many others have stated get yourself checked by a Dr, and if you have gear cover with insurance that's how id be going
  14. Thank goodness you are okay and you were able to get up and walk away. The message here for some riders is the importance of wearing appropriate safety gear and what a difference it can make in a go down
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  15. Or you could just not crash.

    It's not an accident as it could be prevented
  16. Welcome to VC's early morning pedantic lesson.
    Accident = An unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity.
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  17. Hey 3lud133lud13... How'd ya scrub up this morning Mr??

    Go and get a quick grease and oil change with a doc today...and make an oldmaid happy :)

    Esp your aggravated old knee injury...

    maybe I should change my name to old nag?
  18. Pulled up fine I'm not big on doctors but the motel I stayed at night of crash had a RN that has now gone into other things she also insisted on giving me a check up. I passed which is good enough for me.
    As for protective gear I am more than happy I confined myself full face helmet specially for larger trips. I always ride in Kevlar jeans they cost me $100 small price to pay to keep that gravel rash or worse away, however seeing how well my jacket held up I am now thinking of investing in some leather pants for those longer rides. I do Brisbane melbourne every few months so could be a worthwhile investment
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  19. Both of these are incredibly easy to with Victoria's amazing coastline and constant roadworks. Almost haappened to me
  20. Lmfao!

    I ride a bike the way it should be ridden... and I'm pretty sure I know the Great Ocean road, you must have been trying to race the air or opposite... to bloody cautious, hence the reason for not having enough time to react.

    People are trying to talk to you like you are a child. Get over it people he had an accident and of course he is fine, he wouldn't be telling you his story and taking photos of his riding gear if he wasn't.

    Riding a motorcycle is not for the faint hearted, theirs a lot of risk involve. Riders need to be weary of all the dangers when you are on an open vehicle such as a motorcycle.

    Only one member hit it right on the money... You could just not crash, It's not an accident as it could be prevented.
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