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well there's at least on NSW MP with a conscience

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. I continue to be depressed by the rise of what I have come to refer to as The New Puritanism. Having the coppers as the arbiters of public decency would be a return to some of the nastier aspects of the 1950s.

    Good on the Greens and Whatsername for opposing it, however futile the gesture.
  2. It used to be that civil Liberians were nutters on the edge of society, but fark me sober if Australia hasn't become a police state one "reasonable" piece of legislation at a time. I'm dumbstruck that they've found another opportunity to hinder due process.
  3. Not sure if I understand this correctly, but...
    "No classification costs will be payable if the seller signs and is subsequently found not guilty."
    So, the cops currently have to pay $700 to have material classified to proceed with their prosecution, and they want to transfer the responsibility for this to the defendant. But only if they are proved guilty.
    I see the cop's problem. Someone sells something 'unclassified' but questionable, and cops then have to foot the bill. For something the seller should have paid for in the first place.

    I'm not sure exactly how any of this makes the cops into defacto classifiers.

    I don't actually think it's a matter of fairness. I suspect the whole issue rests on what you think of censorship per se.
  4. I think they've calmed down a bit since their civil war ended and now concentrate on internet fraud :LOL:.

    But seriously, rights and freedoms have a worrying tendency to disappear, not all at once, but by a steady drip, drip, drip without the majority noticing or caring until it's way too late.
  5. Re: well there's at least one NSW MP with a conscience

    Damn you I'm pissed and you're not helping.
  6. Sooo... who will be getting charged? The retailer that sells it to the private user or production company that sells it to the retailer?
  7. Who cares, so long as someone is firmly prosecuted for the heinous crime of offering for sale, to consenting adults, images of other consenting adults getting their naughty bits wet in a manner of which the State of NSW disapproves.
  8. 1 - how the f*ck does it cost $700 to classify a 120min film? Who's getting paid $350/hour? Wait, it gets worse - $1400, the police have to pay half. WTF?

    2 - Whatever happened to the burden of proof being on the prosecution? How is it that the centuries-old fundamental principles of the justice system can just be disposed of at the whim of the idiots in NSW parliament?

    3 - FAAAAAAARK I hate party rules and party-line voting. Good on her for standing up for herself and her electorate. I hope the party does expel her and she wins her seat as an independent, and ends up holding the balance of power in the next parliament. Watch them squirm then. F*ckwits.
  9. Darkhorse, I don't think there's going to be a 'balance of power' result at the next election!

    Lets not forget that she's a member of one of the most corrupt and inept government Australia has seen.
  10. And more to the point, where does one apply for the job?
  11. well there would be 2 hours to review the material, "2 hours" discussion and "2 hours" of documentation to to get out the form report and change the name at the top.
  12. You missed out the 2 hours in the toilet for......erm.......stress relief :wink:
  13. And there's another flaw in our retarded 'democratic' system...

    The 6 or so independents wield way too much power because of this Caucus voting system since they can vote either way. It basically comes down to how these 6 people vote since everyone else will vote according to their party lines... So much for representing the people in the senate..