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Well the year ended on a good note at least :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Yup the funs over, now to knuckle down and get the new year right :)

    Drove up to Hervey Bay to see the kids as planned, and had a spur of the moment, lets go and have a few drinks and a counterie.

    Well didn't Nadeen just about wet her pants as just sitting a few feet away from us also having a drink was one of her idols [ besides me :LOL: ]


    So after a quick drink and a chat we left him alone to enjoy his night out, with Nadeen still making " I met Mick Doohan" noises all night and the next few days

    Then It was leave the kids and head to the Gold Coast for some real R&R :twisted: , with Dreamworld and White Water World high on the list.
    Needless to say we had to go on the 'Mick Doohan" ride ...... sitting on 'pole' of course :wink: all was good until we picked up the 'tourist photo's' and Nadeen noticed my hand placement
    It must have been the 0 to 75kph G forces dear :-k :angel:



    The ride was good during the day but try it again at night with low visibility :twisted:


    Even on rides I tend to lean in and look through the corner, you can just see me looking to the right and up into the next ' berm ' :LOL:

    NYE was a bit of a let down @ dreamworld, we paid alot extra for the night show and fireworks etc, only to find it all finished at 10.30 [ something about family orientated? :evil:
    So it was a quick dash down to Coolangatta for the real fireworks at the right time " and I was still sober !! .... 1st year in living memory for me :shock: "

    Now White water world ! will be revisited at our earliest convenience :wink: had a ball there New years day :twisted:


    The next two days where spent, catering to Nadeen's shopping bug, @ surfers etc :? :LOL:

    Back home now and it's back to the real life :cry: :LOL:

    Heres to a Happy new year to you all as well
  2. After the '2008-from-hell' you've had, good to see you enjoying yourself and positive about 2009.
  3. Lets hope you grab more than your fair share this year mate!
  4. Sounds like a good time Bob.

    Now go get a job, you bludging, boobie fondling parasite.

    This country was built on hard work, and gravel eating. Slackers like you will take us back to the 1800s.