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well the worst happened!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by suzyq, May 11, 2006.

  1. well it happened...had my bike a week and came off on easter sunday and smashed my shoulder! i had to have a replacement humerus. its going to be a long time before im back on. :(

    i guess at least i have all my bits, even if they dont work real well at the moment. :shock:

    poor little Spada, broke the handlebars and the radiator :(! and scratches and abrasions of course. :cry:

    gee life sucks, just when i realise my dream it all comes crashing down. ](*,)
  2. No good suzyq. That's a really sucky story. Keep your chin up, do all the physio and stuff, get yourself better and then keep persuing those dreams....

    And we're all thinking of you!
  3. That doesn't sound humerus at all to me. Waka waka.

    Very sorry to hear your first off happened so quickly and in such comprehensive fashion.

    I hope you heal quickly and are soon in a state to get back out there. Perhaps some rider training might help you get your skills together and make your next experience a much safer one.

    All the best, our thoughts are with you and don't give up!

  4. A new humerous??? What the hell did you do?
  5. damm that really sucks suzy and in the first week too :(

    try not to let it get you down, best of luck with the healing :)
  6. oh sorry to hear.... hopefully this hasn't put you off riding.... all th ebest for a speedy recovery

    cheers stewy
  7. Not good.
    But not the worst.
    You are still Posting here, so that is a good sign.
    get better Get back in the Saddle.
  8. yep what Falcon said...

    it's not good, but it could've been worse :shock:

    all the best with your rehab and hope ur back on your bike soon... :)
  9. Damn thats terrible news suzyq, hope you and your bike get fixed up real soon.

    cheers pete
  10. I, uh, was just having a quick read up on humerus replacement. Sounds like you came very close to losing your arm Suzi... That's some seriously freaky experience to go through, and though in one way you're very lucky, it sounds like you will have a long and difficult path back towards recovery.

    Here's hoping you come out of it a stronger person. And after that sort of experience I don't know if I'd care if I ever saw a bike again.
  11. Bad luck on the off, hope you have a full recovery suzyq.
  12. Really bad luck -hope it all goes well and your back on the road soon, both of you.
  13. What a bugger suzyq. Hope you are back on the bike asap.
  14. Bad Luck Suzy. I wish you all the best in your recovery and hope it is all smooth sailing from here on in. If you still have the desire to ride don't be afraid to get back out there. Maybe do afew of the H.A.R.T course first and then slowly venture back out. What was the nature of your accident if you don't mind sharing?? Are you injuries just bad luck or was it a biggy???

    Hey Loz do you have a link to that info you were reading??? I'm always interested in medical reads!!
  15. sorry to hear suzyq, wishing you a speedy recovery.
  16. should have asked harry to find you some Skelegrow :D
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  18. Sorry to hear about the off and so soon in your riding pursuits. I sincerely hope you have a speedy recovery!!

    Suzy, do you feel comfortable sharing how you came to have an off??? What's the story?? ...there may be something in it for all of us to learn from.


  19. So sorry to hear Suzy - know how much you were looking forward to riding your Spada :( Keep your chin up - I know these things are sent to try us, but we're a fighting bunch here on NetRider :)
  20. Shit hey? My sympathy. Its not the 'worst' but its sure bad enough.