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Well, the truth starts to show itself

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jan 30, 2008.

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  2. I am so scared that I can't stop shaking
  3. Yes a very interesting article...
    [EDIT]By the time you get to pages 4 & 5 you start to think this is a script from an upcoming comedy. These cops are seriously certifiable[/EDIT]
  4. :roll: this again?!? .... it must be a slow news week...

    Anyway, read the first page, it re-affirms that there are terrorists planning to blow shit up, just verifying what i thought...
  5. Sorry... but were you reading teh same article as I was reading?
    It shows that there is F#$k all Terrorist activity, and that the only people they have succesfully prosocuted are people they have given the resources to get teh gear, and created teh contacts... So they have found people with no prospects, they have effectivly brainwashed them and then prosocuted them for being the people they them selves have created.

    it's total BULLSH!T
  6. There used to be a word for this sh#t.

  7. This one?
    uh huh :? :roll:
  8. Stupidity and fear. Great combination!

    Why are people so scared these days?
  9. Yeah, and I regularly dream of launching surface to surface missiles against cars that cut me off in traffic. Or dropping at least one former accquaintance down a deep hole in the Goldfields.

    Doesn't mean I've got the means or the b*lls to make it actually happen though. And I'm not a pathetic, feeble, broke, homeless loser.
  10. I can't say I have a lot of sympathy for any muslim stupid enough to believe in violence for their faith.
    -Whether they're a real threat or not.

    It is disgusting for an agency like that to perpetuate itself on misinformation and subsequent public funding, though.

    /still reading...
  11. That is Jameel the ex drug dealer who was being paid by the US Government to entrap Shareef and supplied the money contacts and pushed the ideas to take someone who had a bit of a gripe and create a terrorist out of them to entrap them.

    How about you read teh whol article and not misquote it. :roll:
  12. Lets start with one Pathetic idiot who meets your initial description. (a Half hearted gripe at sociaty that he will never really carry out) and the other person is taking that and promoting it till it becomes something more concreate when it never would have if the poor sod was left alone. Lets now add that teh second guy is being paid by the government to set the first guy up. There was and never would have been any crime if they had have just left the poor sod alone. they created teh crime and then punished it.
  13. [Devils advocate]If there's a will, there might be a way.

    I think the US authorities figure that it's better that the one with the will never finds a way, other than the one the authorities provide, and that way they get someone with a will off the street. [/Devils advocate]

    Personally, sounds highly highly paranoid.
  14. Yep welcome to Washington the paranoid state.
  15. Edited my comment - shot my mouth off before reading the second half of the article - i'm eating my words fellas!
  16. No, its all just a facade to deprive people of their civil liberties. You know when people are scared they dont want freedom they want security, so the government doesnt have to take it from them, the people will gladly hand it over.

    This government has learnt much from history, and so instead used this pattern against its own citizens.

    "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither" - Benjamin Franklin

    How far the US government has strayed from the visions of its founding fathers.