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Well, that'll cost me...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Yetta, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Ok, it's my fault, I know this. It's embarrassing, not even dramatic or funny, just banal

    Last night, I went through the rigmarole of moving the car out the garage, move the bike out, put the car back, go for ride. This time it went wrong.

    I'd left the bike idling on its side-stand to warm up, and as I began to open the car door to move it back into the garage, I hear an awful CRUNCH! I look over, and the bike is laying on its side. WTF? It seems that the driveway has enough of a slope that my poor little GS500 had managed to roll off the stand. Pay more attention, Yetta!

    Can anyone recommend a good repairer in the North Sydney region, or anywhere in Sydney, as long as I can drop the bike off on a weekend?

    I can see that it needs:

    Bar end
    Clutch lever
    Gear lever
    Engine casing

    Not a happy bunny.

    In working out if I should pay for this or lodge a claim, will a claim on the bike insurance also increase my car insurance premium? If so, I think it may end up cheaper to pay for the repairs directly.

    Any recommendations are appreciated.
  2. are those things just scratched or properly stuffed?
  3. google for a parts dealer or ring around the motorcycle shops and see who has suzuki parts and get quotes.

    For the scratching on the fairing, once its rideable take it to a few smash repairers to see the cost of a spray.

    If you're engine casing is just scratched you should be alright to have someone touch up the scrapes, same goes for the fairing. Cracks in the fairing can be dealt with but sometimes show some tell-tale signs and become weaker so if they get crashed on they are likely to end up worse for wear than a regular fairing.

    Its best to do your own quoting if you want to avoid insurance claims. I'm in Sydney, I can help you look for parts if you like. It can be pretty annoying if you haven't dealt with this sort of thing before.
  4. We've all done it...and it's amazing how much damage a "no speed" drop can do. Hope you get it fixed soon.
  5. Oh no! If only we could turn back time.....hope you get it fixed very soon.
  6. yeah. try for second hand bits and if you need help fitting them try someone like lloyd penn in artarmon (he is very busy though).
    been there. done that
  7. The only stationary drop my bike ever sustained was by my mechanic... even then, the oggy's did their job and she didn't sustain any damage other than a scratched mirror, scratched bar end and insulted pride.
  8. Something about suzukis. I had the same bike go down three times from the standstill. Lucky it was a real scrapper.
  9. Well, it WAS a Suzuki!!

  10. Yeah suzuki don't bother designing good side stands, because they are out being ridden.

    You then have to ask why most honda's have centre stands.
  11. Talking about sidestands why oh why don't bikes these days come with centre stands.

    You'd think they'd make much more sense to put on bikes especially learner bikes which people are more likely to drop.

    Are manufacturers this money greedy that they push people to buy aftermarket. I enquired thru PS and they said a genuine centre stand for my bike would be $350.
  12. officially in the ridiculous pursuit of weight and ground clearance, but I'm sure cost comes into it. Design and supply.
  13. man that sucks....do you have any pics on how bad the damage is?

    have you tried looking at eBay for some parts?
  14. damn it sounds like the bike really copped it. Insurance?

    I've never had one fall but my leaner bike was a NSR150 and one day i parked it on a hill facing down in N with the steering lock on. I started walking off and i could hear this scraping sound. Spun around and theres my little bike slithering down the hill steering towards some parked cars. I managed to run up and save it but jeeze I felt silly...
  15. Bugger. Yep, we've all done something stupid... if you use a disklock, expect to forget it's there one day and... :(

    As for parking a bike, NEVER park a bike facing down hill, especially if you're one of the misguided ones who like to park their bike in neutral.
  16. +100. If you DO have to park it facing downhill, make sure it's in gear
  17. Thanks for the replies... I've been speaking with a few people today, and it seems to be a common theme.

    I think the fairing is kaput... mucho cracked around the indicator and deep scratches along the top edge. The clutch lever has snapped, no biggie... the gear lever is bent, but useable. I suppose the rest depends on how anal I am about the repairs. Time to decide if I want the bike perfect like it was before yesterday, or do I leave it a little beaten up?

    Going to get a few estimates tomorrow, then decide.

    It's odd, though. I now feel less concerned about it, less anxious about damaging the poor thing, but that's for a couch, not a forum. 8-[

    Right, I'm off to gstwin.com to see how easily these convert to a nekkid.
  18. This all comes under the heading of "Wise after the event."
  19. Don't beat yourself up over it mate, I've done the same thing ..... twice !! Once with a Suzuki and once with a Honda.