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Well, that will teach me....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BD2, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. ...not to read the site rulez before posting.

    So, I wrote a comical introduction for myself, but I included a heap of links to my web site and you tube page and stuff - and it didn't make it past the spammer protection. Trust me - I'm a professional!

    BD2 stands for another 'Big Dave' too. I've just moved back to Brizzy after spending 10 years working as a motorcycle writer and photog in New Zealand, mostly with Kiwi Rider Magazine.

    Now I'm doing some features for the HOG magazine and some bike tests for Heavy Duty Mag- and still doing quite a bit for Kiwi Rider on this side of the Tasman.

    I bought a new KLR650 for my day to day transport and currently have a new H-D Road Glide test bike in the shed.

    Looking forward to talking to 'youse' and not being laughed at when I say 'six'.

    My immensely comical original post should show up after I have contributed to the forum some more. How embarrassment! :)


  2. Welcome. I trust your journey here from middle earth was a pleasant one.

    As long as you are having six with sheep you'll be right mate.
  3. just dont eat all our fush&chups gday
  4. Sweet aaaaaaas, bro !
    Welcome aboard mate (y)
  5. Welcome to NR :). As long as you learn to pronounce "Subaru" correctly, we'll get along fine.
  6. Oh yeah - I call my time in Unzud 'Dances with Sheep'.

    Of course the irony of all that is most of the North Island has now been turned over to the far more profitable Dairy Industry, but 'Dances with Daisy' doesn't have the same comedy.
  7. Welcome...

    Oh, how does one get a job riding motorcycles.... (that's not a postie)... :p
  8. Welcome to OZ, and to Netrider :)
  9. Thanks all.

    When people ask me that in meatspace I grin and say 'Unlimited Talent', because you can tell I'm not serious.

    Mostly dumb luck and a lifetime as a bike 'tragic'.

    I started writing touring stories and from there graduated to doing bike tests.

    If you freelance like me you also have to allow for it being seasonal work. I have a graphic design business where I produce adverts for bike products as well in the quieter months.

    The best way if you want to get into the gig is just start submitting stories to the mags. 1500 words - neatly typed, tight copy and half a doz hi-res pics - and hawk it around.
  10. I never really left :)

    I have a Southern Cross (with 5 stars) tattooed on the left shoulder and the Eureka flag on the right.

    Yeah - Netrider looks like my kinda place - I have about 20,000 posts in other forums around the intarnet.

    I be Danger_dave on lots of them. ADV and all.
  11. Churrr and Sooobaaaarrooo :)
  12. You have 20,000 post up, eh? You'll be lapping Hornet in no time.

    Welcome back to this side of the ditch. Did you bring your velcro gloves back, or did they nick those in customs?
  13. Yeah - but I started on USEnet in 1996. Ahh email digests - those were the days.
  14. Yes, I'd hate to think how many individual messages and posts I've left like muddy footprints across the web since that time.
  15. Ahhh - So you *are* familiar with my work. :)
  16. This one is called - 10 years in 20 minutes. It was quite a ride:

  17. Great vid, BD2. Some very breathtaking scenery and very fitting background music (y)
  18. Aussie sheep prefer eight. :wink:
  19. was in nth island round anzac day this year up nth at pai hia drove to the very nth maaaaate [he sheepishly says] lovely part of the world!! the clip brough back memories, mind you wasnt riding while over there but the scenery !!!