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Well that was refreshing...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeimbo, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. ....rode to work Cranbourne to Dandenong on a clear balmy morning in Draggins and a perforated summer leather jacket.

    ....rode Dandenong to Cranbourne in a monsoon this arvo. Satched and negotiating torrents - central Cranny was awash - 32mm in an hour!! Still got the flowers for mrs though ;) Garage now home to steaming riding gear!

  2. Hehe i dont mind getting wet on the way HOME. If its raining when im leaving for work, ill take the cage every time.
  3. i hear ya Wednesday = dripping wet me in the same gear, dont the rain feel funny through the jacket. it rained that much in brisbane that even my sidi boots are wet on the inside from that ride.
  4. Yeah I don't mind getting wet on the way home either, an easy fix. I still ride to work in the rain, but changing once there is a PITA. Some one really needs to get on to that gear that was in "back to the future" that dries itself. Speaking with most mechanics it appears the the flux capacitor has already been done why not this.