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Well that was interesting: Almost caught a car under my rear wheel, haha!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by grue, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Just had some drunk moron jump out in front of me in Richmond (literally. He jumped off the kerb in front of me and yelled, thinking he was clever). I did such a big stoppie I had to look behind me to see if my rear wheel was going to come down on the trailing car's bonnet :eek: Fortunately he came to a stop juuuuuust far enough back so that I cleared his car. That'd have been fun to explain to insurance companies :rofl:

  2. haha, would have made an awesome diagram on the claims form
  3. hmmm

    would it have been him running into the back of you ? or you backing into him ?
  4. A stoppie is when brake so hard that rear of the bike lifts up into the air, so if the car had gotten closer the rear wheel/tail of the bike would have falen onto the front of the car. Thats how I read it anyway.
  5. Definitely +1 on this and throw in a mental image of the numpty at the insurance company call centre trying to work it out lol
  6. I believe that would technically be him running in to you, as even if your bike did not lift off the ground, he would have hit you.

    Would have made a great claim form though :)
  7. I hope you yelled or honked at the dude who ran out on you. Or at least mono'd in his general direction enough for him to shit some bricks...
  8. It's amazing how fluid it was… the tail end came up, I yelled "You fscking cocksucker!", and then looked behind me to see the situation there as the tail came down. Then I angrily revved at the halfwit and he fscked off :)
  9. Speed was obviously a factor :p

    That brought a smile to my face picturing it.
  10. It would have been tempting to chase him up the footpath..not that I'd do such a thing.
  11. I mentioned this somewhere before (but will again :p), but not long after i got my Ls and i was riding in town (guess around christmas time last year), i rounded a bend and saw a group of guys staggering up the road. Saw one point at me and look at his mates and they all laughed, so i thought right something is going to happen here...
    He took a big leap out to scare me, but instead of swerving away i held my line and punched him in the head.
    He went down like a sack of crap and didnt get back up for a long few seconds as i kept riding, but im here to tell you that ill use my leg or something next time. My fingers, wrist, forearm and elbow hurt for weeks. Still worth it though :D

    Would have been a sight for sure grue. Do a reenactment on camera for us? :D
  12. Front ends coming up, back ends coming up, sounds like you're turning into a hoon grue!
  13. +1 He's obviously a menace on the roads, lock him up and crush the bike.

    "but instead of swerving away i held my line and punched him in the head.":rofl: Nice work!

  14. :rofl: :Rofl: :rofl:
  15. :angel:
  16. Ooouuuccchhhh would've hurt you both but I'm sure you came out on top :p he won't hear the end of that one from his mates for a while lol.
  17. Hahaha I can imagine the look on his face that split second before he copped it. He woulda shit bricks at that. Nice work ;)