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Well that was good for a laugh - lane splitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Admiral Thrawn, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Traffic was an utter nightmare this morning with the whole length of Dequetteville Tce between Botanic Rd and the roundabout completely gridlocked, no thanks to Rundle Rd being closed (I think for the Fringe). Botanic Rd itself was also the worst I've seen it in a while.

    Anyway, I try to resist the temptation to lane split most of the time, but on this occasion it was an open invitation.

    It was immensely satisfying cruising past (or working my way around) umteenth buses, several huge trucks, and endless streams of cars paralysed in their tracks.

    My destination was on Nth Tce and had I been in a car, the time it would have taken from the roundabout would have been at least an additional 30 minutes...

  2. that's one of many of my reason for getting a bike and soon to get my l's .. time would be halved in a bike :)
  3. yeah the city was chocka block today wasn't it?
    rundle st & east tce are BOTH blocked off, meaning it's worse than when the clipsal was on.

    even lane splitting I was still 20 mins late to work today

    i hate to think how bad it would have been if I was on the bus!
  4. Tell me about it! Due to 40+ degree heat here in Perth, and needing to get to work without being a stinking heap of sweaty guano, I have had to drive in for the last two days.......gaaaaahh I bloody hate it! I could walk here almost as quick.
  5. That's it mate it's worse than Crack! Once you have experienced the joys of arriving faster with a bit of fun mixed in you can never go back!

    This morning a complete idiot in a V8 Mercedes cut me off and proceeded to blast past me at about 60kmh over the limit off into the distance. Next set of lights he is three back on a red light, I gently cruise past him to the front of the lights, I WIN :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. You can own a bike and not lane split???
  7. lol he must of felt embarrassed .. my old car i would do maybe 10's over and in my head going 'hah suckas i'll get to my destination quicker' .. but not long after, the people i've overtook have caught up to me... grrrr.
  8. Bwahahaha! Brutal! :LOL:

    The passengers would have been resorting to cannibalism by the end of the ride.
  9. Strange this topic came up, i did my first lane splitting today. I was coming down millers road from Geelong road and for some reason it was packed, ive never seen it this bad.

    Anyway i was resisting, and then i made a pact to myself, if i see someone lane split, im doing it too, and of course in my rear view mirror i saw him coming....

    So i duck in behind him, i found it was a great feeling, although i did stop a few times because being my first time im not that sure about how wide my mirrors are. I had to come to a stop once as the cars were too close together, but the bike behind me went the other way around one of the cars, and the little white car on the left moved over for me, she got a wave :)

    Then im only on a 250 so i can blow off at the lights, but when i came to near the front a car pull off to the left and i slipped into his old spot. I don't think the magna behind me liked it.... but meh, nuts to him.

    Prolly only saved myself 10 mins, but the experience was priceless. I dont think ill do it often as i have a squeaky clean driving record, and id like to keep it that way.
  10. I know!!!!! Traffic is crazyyyyyyyy...

    I think its because monday is a public holiday (Labour Day) so most people must be taking tomorrow off for an extra long weekend....

    All day its been bad but from 3pm onwards, it was just hectic.
  11. i have split before, but this arvo i had my most satisfying experience, i probably only saved 2 light segments, but i went through all the cars at a slow speed i could stop on a dime at, with no feet on the ground and at times a mere inch on either side spare
  12. on the way to work every day I line split for around 7km on the way back from work I line split for around 12km... it varies a little bit depending on the trafic..

    I'm building a street fighter just for the purpuse of line splitng / comuting to work...
  13. lane splitting makes the baby jesus cry
    baby-shaking makes the baby jesus stop crying
  14. If you don't lane split the bastards will kill you, I do it to stay alive as well as get through traffic. When you lane split YOU are in control, when you sit in traffic you are a target for morons on the phone, doing their makup, chating to their passager and rubber necking. Every time that I've had a moment in traffic it's because I wasn't lane spliting.
  15. I just love taking off at lights quick and then just making some lights later and all the other cars that took off (slow) with me get caught at them, a fantastic feeling :grin:
  16. I own a bike and I haven't lane split yet :p

    I can't count the amount of times that I've really wanted to and it would've been really easy to though. I'm just a bit afraid of there being an unmarked copper somewhere in the lanes I'm splitting *laugh*

    On that topic, does anyone know where on the net I can find the categorical answer to whether you can lanesplit in SA and if so, what the caveats are to do so? I'd like to be educated cos rumour has it ignorance is no excuse ;)
  17. i try not to lane split unless i see no cops around and the gap is big enough. today i lane split from torrens rd to the city and only took me 10 mins to get to uni where as it would have taken 20mins. best feeling when you are passing everyone and even though they give u the death look. lol
  18. Oh yeah the split, even when im in the cage and i see a bike coming i move just to make it easier for them to mosey on past :grin: You've gotta love the feeling.
  19. I'd love to lane split from the river up to light square in the mornings (heading north to south on montefiore rd (?)) or along greenhill road. Either of those would cut my trip to work by about half when I'm running late I reckon ;) Ditto Hawker St (I'm afraid of the hill on torrens road :p). They'd all make my life sweet ;)
  20. In 18 years I've never been done for lane spliting or filtering if you get pulled over tuff, I would rather pay a fine than get killed by the cages. I could'nt give a shit what the law says I know I'm safer for doing it than what I would be sitting in traffic.