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Well, that was close...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by FirstOnTheWall, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. First near death experience on the bike this morning...

    Merrily cruising in to work, minding my own business whilst constantly aware of the neverending threat of cage and his idiocy. My lane an empty line enclosed by threats from all sides as the right lane fills with cages awating the turn of lights. Alas, one cager opts to excuse himself from the right lane without so much as a blinker or a thought to the bike nearing his proximity - resulting in said biker locking up the brakes, eyeballing for an escape route and praying to the powers that be to let him see his kids one more time. Suffice to say I managed to brake in time before becoming aquainted with his rear bumper, so gave him the finger and continued on my way - no doubt looking calm as all get up but secretly shitting myself!

    Adrenaline is still pumping and am contemplating plastering the offending vehicle (I saw where he parked) with very large posters of various bikes and a big sign saying something along the lines of:

    "These are motorcycles. Look the f$%k out for them and remember an indicator is your friend. Your Sincerley, Concerned Motorcyclist."

    Ahh vent completed...


  2. You had a near death experience. Do something to let this person know that!

    Seriously though. Do it.
  3. There was a legend going around Sydney in 77 & 78 when I started riding, about a chap who got a couple of bicycle clips to hold his can of bright electric pink spraypaint - just for incidents like that one. He did it an unmarked cop car with two 'D's in it one day. He never did it again...
  4. lucky there was'nt anyone behind you.
    but sounds like you anticipated it well, passing by with caution, in order to stop in time.
  5. Just a good reminder to always expect the unexpected, in particular when passing vehicles lined up in an adjoining lane. Good work with your ebraking! And don't let this put you off.