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Well that was a bit of a downer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pugsly, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. So there I was, earlier this evening futzing about on Facebook. When something came up on my facebook stream that gave me a reason to look up an old girlfriend.

    When I say old girlfriend, she was my first serious girlfriend, met her in uni. Things didn't work out for us and we went our own separate ways amicably. We were even 'friends' on facebook.

    I probably saw her last about 15 years ago, and I doubt I've thought about her in years, having being happily married for nearly 10, with a 4 yo boy.

    So.. back to Facebook. Looking her up, notice she hasn't posted for a couple of years, though some friends have posted to her timeline.. Thought, "Hmm, maybe she just stopped using it", then I get down to the RIPs.. :(
    Turns out she fell off a horse in 2011 and died.

    What's fcuking with me now, is why I'm feeling so crap about someone who I've not seen or spoken to in over a decade.

    So there you go... Just wanted to share that with someone, for some reason.
  2. Death is the king of fears and the fear of kings
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  3. bit of a shock mate I still think of my first girlfriends
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  4. Yeah, it was. I'm shitty at myself that I only found out well after the fact. Should keep in touch with friends more.
  5. Don't feel bad about it Pugsly, what's meant to be will be. I did catch up with an ex girlfriend i remember fondly when i went back to the uk, wish i hadn't - i though i was meeting Jennifer Aniston again, and she turned out to be Mrs Doubtfire.

    Sometimes memories and rose tinted glasses............
  6. Sorry to hear. It sounds like a shit of a thing to find out about. But it just shows you need to live every bit of your life to its fullest.
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  7. It is a shit feeling to find these things out after the fact.

    had only saw him a few months prior when i went in there randomly to say hi...

    I found out my old boss died when i saw his restaurant for sale by his wife.. said "Due to a loss in the family" and i assumed the worst.

    i went and searched online for his obituary/any information and found it and there it was.

    Was quite a shock to the system he was a good bloke.. smoked like a train though but yeah died at 50 and left behind a few kids including 2 youngins who would of only just began school.
  8. That's a real punch in the gut, Pugsly - fondly remembering good times then, whack, the letters RIP scroll by.

    I'm adding it to my list of reasons not to have Facebook:

    #179 - finding out former sweethearts have met with sad fates.
  9. Hey, sorry to hear this mate.

    I understand what you are feeling. You have spent part of your life with her, no matter what happened at the end or how long since you have seen her .

    When something happens like this it is natural to feel like you do.

    Sorry no very well expressed - hope you know what I am trying to say.

    Take care.

  10. Bummer, dude.

    I recently discovered one of my favourite school teachers passed away a few years ago in a similar fashion. Hate when stuff like that happens.
  11. @andyhui01@andyhui01, curious as to why you would tag jem's post with a disagree, no law against it, just seems odd to me.
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  12. maybe he thinks its well expressed
  13. you should see his dick
  14. lol. fat fingers/mouse/dick. Not even sure when I did it. Maybe in the bathroom :p
    Removed rating :)
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