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Well that was a bit awkward

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bretto61, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. God life is funny.
    I've never had a facebook page or whateva it's called. But after losing three phones over the last year I have lost all my numbers. In emailed whom I could, but everyone said go facebook so I did. And yup it was good. It worked.
    So anywho I get a friend request. It's from my bestest growing up to mid twenties. Travel, marriage and owning my own business and things drifted. We are talking before mobiles and the internet. So I have not seen him in twenty five years.
    So anywho I got his number and we chat. It was great. The kids we now have, where we are so forth. He lives not far away. Bout an hours easy drive.
    I'm thinking the old days and say hey get your ass up here and we can go for a ride and then a surf. We can have a big barby and blow the froth off a few like the old days.
    Yeah that would be great he says. cept I'm kind not allowed to be where you live.....
    WTF I am thinking. Restraining order? Something like that.
    Ah no i am still on eight years parole. Just got out from doin ten for armed robbery.
    I had no idea what to say. I laughed. Like we grew up together. We were identical. We didn't even have to speak half the time we just knew. How could you go form being Mr Av to stuffing a shotty in a bank tellers face in such a short time?
    I am still amazed. Stunned really. I am not a very strait person at all. Law abiding, but bent. My family are all either plod or fed. I'm the black sheep ??? Fark now I feel a pussy lol.
    So yeah I am riding down tomorrow to have lunch with him. Going to be a strange day me thinks.

  2. that sounds like an understatement of huge proportions :LOL:
  3. 10% cut of the proceeds says you're plotting the next heist together within a few hours of arriving :p
  4. LOL. Sometimes you can pick the stick up men - some of them are pretty obvious. But some are not.
  5. Oh he looks like one. A big lad and angry looking. But a softy. Well was.
    Still not sure what he has done. I know a few banks from talking to others. But that wouldn't stop him coming the 100k's here for a day. Or rack up ten minimum eeek with another eight on the good books.
  6. Did he ever wear a balaclava when you were hanging out...?

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  7. I had a very similar situation a few years ago Bretto, you're in for a very interesting catch up matey. Have a backup conversation ready for when you get to the bit where he doesn't want to talk about it, just sayin.
  8. We had a good chat and laugh.
    It was strange for about two minutes. It was good to catch up.
    @25 we both had the world by the nads. Both had shoite happen. All depends on how you deal with what your dealt I guess.

    If I go meet with his parole officer he might be able to come up and do visits. Being the fine upstanding member of the community that I am lol FFS but that would be good. We could go out for a surf and kick back. He just cant live here ha ha. Well yet.
    But all good and not worth the little anxiety I had.
  9. ha man, I know how your mate feels, but all on a much smaller scale. Is he the same guy he always was? Or did the big house change his brain?
  10. Growing up, you meet the typical range of rels, from oldies to younguns. Anywho, about 10 yrs ago my Mum tells me that her mild-mannered, quiet uncle who looks like your typical retiree was a safecracker in his younger days. Apparently a pretty good one, although he did some time, too. My grandmother used to get the cops drop by to see if her brother had been visiting if there'd been a safe opened in the vicinity of the country centre where she lived.

    They mustn't have found all the money, coz he retired to the Gold Coast in his 50s.
  11. Ha ha good on him.
    And he is just the same as he always was. Well no a lot more cynical. A lot more anti social and anti people. But I guess you would have to expect that.
    The us and them attitude after it being that for so long.
  12. Good on you for meeting up with him. Sounds like he's in the process of changing his life for the better.