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Well, Parramatta are gone...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Burnsie, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. I'm sure that all the melbournians will be happy, but Parra are gone. I'm sitting here in my Blue and Gold wondering what went wrong. Melbourne palyed crap, but parra still couldn't get over the line. Next year.....

    Good luck Melbourne, it's always horrible losing to a side that you don't hate.
  2. If Melbourne can play badly against a red-hot team like Parramatta and stil win, what chance the rest?

    I'm not a betting man but I'd not be betting against the Storm if I was......

    Oh, and as for AFL....

    Go the collywobbles :p
  3. Hmm red hot?? 3 weeks ago, deifinately. The last two weeks they have been slightly pink rather than red hot.

    I said it before and it will make me feel better if I say it again...

    Next year.
  4. awwwwww :LOL: no really i feel for you ;)

    go the doggies!!!!!! :beer:
  5. go the storm, go billy slater for making that game saving tackle, i was at the game, bloody awesome with 98% of the crowd being melbourne supporters
  6. Hopefully the trifecta for Melbourne this year:

    Melbourne Victory,
    (now if only we had a Rugby Union team as well :roll: )

    :p :p
  8. Go the Doggies!!
  9. (From a die-hard Parra supporter of 30 years)
    Parramatta not only didn't have it against Melbourne(who I thought played poorly considering what they are capable of) but they were nowhere near good enough to take on the likes of The Saints, The Dogs and The Knights. Their run was over two weeks. It was a good comeback, season wise, but I knew in my heart that they weren't real contenders.

    As for Melbourne, very poor effort. They didn't play the second half and such a display of arrogance is a bad sign in my books. This is finals football FFS!

    I thought the Saints were the best of the weekend(hard to say that as a Parra man) but look out for the Knights.
  10. As a Knights fan I was cheering the Eels in the hope that the Knights would get next week off and be 1 game away from the GF. Unfortunately Parra were very ordinary. In fact both sides were and that game was probably the worst quality game of the weekend. Something that most people probably wouldn't have thought leading into it.
    Anyway - go Knights! And if they don't win it then the Broncos are my next choice.
  11. I lived in Newcastle when they won their first grandfinal and then in Melbourne when they won their first I really don't mind who wins.


    Or Knights if Storm bows out. :applause:
  12. go the doggies!!! :grin: