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Well now I’m awake.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. So I am returning home from work a little early on 4 hours sleep because we had major issues and I had been up until 3… And I’m cruising past the bike shop I get my ZZR Serviced at. And I know that they have in stock a pair of bikes that are on my “To Do†list.
    So I sling in a U’ie and pull up for a chat.
    I tell ‘em I want to try the two bikes, and see what they have to say.
    The two bikes (Just to clarify) are an 05 CBR600RR and an 05 R6.
    So the guy who runs the sales, grabs some keys sticks em in the Honda and fires her up. The Honda has a little stub Yoshy poking out the back and a bit of a scratch from a little nap it has obviously taken.
    Now she doesn’t bark Like Dougle’s 07 RR does but has that same after market throatiness to her. I sling a leg over. Now first impressions just like the 07 is that you have almost no fairing in front of you. It is so short in the front and you have just free air. The saddle is meant for efficiency, comfort is not much of a consideration.
    Any way I have my obligatory Honda stall and then get her fired up and ease the clutch out and get her on the move. The first thing I note is that I feel very “perched up high†on this bike. It may look like the 07 with different fairings, but it just doesn’t feel quite as well balanced. The motor doesn’t feel as brutal but I can get the feel for the power better… Any way I roll out get a bit of a feel for it and head for a piece of freeway. I roll the bike up to speed and then click it down to get into fun gear.
    Now that woke me up.
    The motor really starts to give something back when you get the revs up, and at speed the bike feels really stable. So I play a little at speed and get to the twisty part of my test ride. Those that know me know that this is where I start to pay attention. My first corner was met at slightly higher pace than expected, but the slightest touch of brake cause the bike to stand up, and I really had to work to keep it leant into the corner. I played in the coroners but it never felt planted and stable like the 07 CBR does. Part of this may have been because the rear suspension was dialled up to take King Kong’s weight and so was just to rigid to give any feel or hugging. But the front didn’t inspire me either, it was woody & rigid, but didn’t track well. This once again may have come down to the suspension setup but it just didn’t feel good. I always felt tentative about letting lose especially on corner exits.

    So… I took the CBR back and got on the R6. immediately it felt more comfortable. The clutch was light and easy to work with the revs were smoother to roll on, and the gearbox didn’t have the same clunk. The first thing I really noticed that made me do a double take was a bit of a wine from the gearbox, I am not sure if that is normal or not, but everything felt fine. I took it out onto the freeway run, and unfortunately traffic had started to build, but I got a line put it in fun gear and gave it a squirt. Instantly I felt that for manoeuvring it was just more planted than the CBR, it gave a really impressive kick in the pants when I gave it the berries. So finishing the sprint I looked to the twisties. Each tip in was confident each line exactly where I expected it, and I could just keep feeding power in even when she was leaned over. The suspension gave me feeling, and the tires stayed planted and tracked beautifully whatever the surface through at me. In short the suspension and frame gave me everything I could ask for. I do concede that I really had to work the engine to make it sing… But once it started to sing it was extremely rewarding.
    This is my second outing on a CBR600RR, and in both cases there was something that just didn’t work for me, Now I am not knocking the 07RR It definitely has something going for it, but I just didn’t feel quite at home on it. But the R6, twice I have been on one and both times I have felt that it worked. The motor I don’t think is what I really want, but when I get it leaned over the way it handles corners just seems to be the biz.

    I wanted to like the CBR, but for some reason I just didn’t, and I didn’t really want to like the R6, but I just couldn’t help myself. I am 6 foot tall, and have been told time and again how the R6 is too small for me… Bollocks, don’t let any one tell you they are a short arses bike, get out and give em a go.

    My Previous Test rides below
    Dougles 07 CBR600RR
    Night on the town on a 99 CBR F4
    Went for a play on an R6
  2. Nice write up.

    Only comment I have is regarding the size of the R6. I have to agree that they are fine for bigger riders. I am 6 foot 5 and quite liked my mates 99 model and the 2008 model I sat on in the shop.

    I would gladly have one as a weekend/track weapon.
  3. I bet the CBR wasn't on Bridgestones... Tyres make all the difference.
  4. Almost guaranteed to be a suspension issue. Feeling wooden and rigid is almost certainly a sign of too much front compression and possibly too little front rebound damping. If you're working hard to keep it leaned over, that is also a sign of both. Standing up on the brakes into corners is also a sign of both, as well as too much rear rebound damping, which will also contribute to it running wide mid-corner, as well as make the rear ride feel harsh and stiff.

    Just spent a bit of time dialing in the 'fighter what with all the weight loss. It's gone from a bucking bronco to a paragon of stability, all with about 12 well placed clicks across the 5 different adjusters. That's the point though. Quite often your adjusters may only be 2-3 clicks away from "ideal", and yet even those few clicks can have a profound effect especially if every adjuster is out.
  5. O.K. Sounds like a test on a properly set up CBR may still be in order, because I definitely think the suspensions was dialled to rock hard