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well i've put my foot in my mouth now...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. left my last job (business relocations) as they were becoming too anal about doing things safely - yet expecting the same workload...picked up a new job few days back...found out the pay and what needed to be done...thought **** this so went to the rival company of my old job ....although it's better money..it also entails me riding into the city and other various locations constantly...Shit.

    so for the newby on his l' plates who gets blown about on his bike down the m4 ...what can i expect from riding in the city and what should i be wary of? (will i be more likely to get a fine or my bike towed if it's illegally parked?)
  2. are you saying that you'll just be riding to an office in the city? or will you be riding around the city all day?
  3. Are you joking?

    1. If you're riding in the city, watch out for cars, bicycles, pedestrians and the native fauna.

    2. If you park illegally, you stand at a substantial risk of being fined for parking illegally.

    3. The wind is substantially decreased in built up areas, so you will be fine with regards to wind.

    You're welcome.
  4. Het 87crisis,

    Until you get a bit more experienced, stay in your lane on the freeway, keep a safe braking distance in front and behind, read the traffic as far ahead as you can and be proactive about early downshifts / slowing if you read a stoppage ahead. Watch your mirrors for guys coming through (lane splitting) and give 'em plenty of room, it is appreciated. Plan your lane choices early so that you're in the correct lane to exit the freeway well ahead of time.

    If the traffic is very stop/start consider getting off the freeway early and taking an alternative route - constant slow riding can be exhausting for new riders.

    Don't feel obliged or be in a hurry to start lane splitting until you're a bit more experienced - remember, your life has value and you should never feel pressured to ride beyond your abilities just to meet the perceived expectations of others.

    Finally, if you do filter or lane split, don't do it 100kms faster than the traffic around you - make it nice and leisurely and be "very ready" and able to stop smoothly and safely if a vehicle in front of you decides to change lanes on a whim.

    Take it easy about town - slow down and watch out for pedestrians - they have a habit of wandering onto the street or doing unpredictable stuff like running across crossings on a red. Cars pulling out in front of you from a parallel park or changing lanes into you on their blind side are the other classic problems - therefore avoid spending time riding right alongside of other vehicles or getting caught in their blind spots.

    I know bike parking is much more restricted in Sydney than down here in Melb so I won't comment on that.

    My only other comment would be your gear - not sure how much stuff you need to carry or what you wear for work vs. what you wear on the bike. Sounds like your work location varies from one day to the next? You may need to experiment with where / how you store your helmet and any riding gear so that it is secure and protected form the elements. Not everyone likes top boxes but that is the obvious solution for (reasonably) secure on-bike storage.

    Finally, on the plus side, riding to and from work every day is absolutely awesome for clearing your mind and leaving work behind you at the end of each day - you will love it :)

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  5. riding in the city is like playing Pac-Man
  6. or frogger.
  7. wukka wukka wukka wukka?

    and no minglis...i work in business relocation's so meet workmate's onsite at various locations ...move some shit around...pack it in a truck..and unpack it elsewhere...then move it around again...

    and klr...thankyou immensely ...it's a rather daunting thought riding into the city...i havn't a issue with driving through it...and spent my last job travelling thru it daily in a truck...and...seen first hand how much of a shitfight it is...and as for it clearing your mind riding to and from work - couldn't agree more...it's one of the reason's i'm looking forward to it.

    should i just road rash it up And have my metal bolt chain ready?
  8. Certainly not the case in Melbourne. The wind tunnels between buildings, increasing the gust factor.
  9. Mate. Ride like they all want a piece of you.
    Make as much eye contact with the cagers as you can.
    For most times the right wheel track in the left lane is your go. Until you are up to speed, then it's your call where the safest place on the road is.
    Try and have at least two second buffer between you and any other object on the road.
    You have to ride like if you get taken out it's going to be your fault. Sounds shit but that's life son.
    A car can take you out and they don't even get a scratch. They maybe feel guilty for a scotch or two then they will just blame you.
    You will be the one hurt or worse. So ride like your life depends on it.
    That does not mean crawling around like a grandpa either. Sometimes the safest place is out front of the traffic.
  10. That's because Melbourne sucks
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  11. ..The M4 will be interesting... try not to get sideswipped or rear ended by anything!... especially as you can only travel at 80 K's!..... 8-[
  12. I used to ride the m4 and Parramatta rd on my ls and ps on a gutless 250. It's certainly a learning experience. It's certainly a good argument for LAMS.
  13. No argument there. ;)
  14. I think it would be more a case of...... Melbourne blows
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  15. The area around Bridge and Philip streets has a tendency to be a hellacious wind farm, so if you're ever passing through there on a particularly blustery day, be wary.

    City of Sydney website has a pdf with free bike parking spots, but they tend to fill up very early. You can park without a ticket in a regular spot too, but the rangers are, well, let's go with 'zealous', so don't overstay your welcome. This includes loading zones.

    Re the M4 - now that I'm safely off my p's, I can tell you that it occurred to me on more than one occassion that removing my p's from my, ahem, scooter, and then just riding at the same speed as the other traffic was much safer than being a mobile obstacle.

    Hope some of that helps :)
  16. found the pdf at some point yesterday....didnt know bout parking without a ticket in normal spots though....and yeah that'd be my luck...i'm working round bridge n philip street area =D

    if i dont post later....exhaustion or the city has swallowed me up...
  17. LOL...WELL....after four or five hours in the hospital....my leg is in a back brace...broken ankle...long story i'll add details to here ina day or so as well i've got nothing else to do now for about 6 weeks....long story short...happened while me cruising backstreets to avoid traffic on parramatta road bit before 5pm...funnnn...i'd love to blame the stupid mole that decided to speed up at the last minute but alas...i could've done more to prepare i guess
  18. Oh sh1t. Sorry about that. I'd like to say 'Glad you're ok', but you're obviously not. I'm glad you're alive.

    So, er, when you get around to it, what happened?
  19. Was in left hand lane trying to merge right as left lane was evidently a 'left lane must turn left' lane. So had my blinker on and was upto about 40-50k's headchecked and some old ....lady *grumbles* was bout 3 meters behind me in the centre lane...looked forward seen a BMW ahead slowin u
  20. -p and for the record fkn iPhones and touch screen send buttons but yeah I started to merge asi headchecked again and still had room started to merge and the Hyundai biatch sped up - so I had no room to work with looked forward and bm'er had stopped ive e-braked and bikes dropped to right with abit of force as was still in-between straightening up - bike lands on right foot - yelling abuse thru helmet at Hyundai botch who is sitting in her car laughing at me and ignoring my hand signals to give me a hand or atleast try get the bike of me as I'd also twisted it whilst it was pinned under the bike ....no cigar - out of nowhere I hear a 'you alright bro?' as the 5 guys out of the BMW had got out picked up the bike from onto of me and picked me up and walked both me and the bike to the si