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Well I've had my first off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ihaveduff, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. OW.

    I was travelling down high st in Randwick (next to the hospital) on my way to meet Loth to head up for the short learners ride, going nice and sedately, only about 40-50km/h. I see a car coming up the other way, also going 40-50km/h, no indicator on, not slowing down, so i look back forward to scan the road surface...

    and the next thing i see is a red blur infront of me, and then the sky then the ground, then the sky, then face first into the ground, then eventually the sky again...

    yup, she did a Uturn right infront of me, i literally hit her car in the front quaterpanel, got thrown down the road doing about 40-50km/h (lucky neither of us were going faster), did my superman impression over her car and landed face first (according to witnesses) onto the ground.

    Right outside the hospital... lucky :cool:

    and also right infront of two doctors who had just come off shift :cool: who ran straight out and attended to me, held my head still (i was trying to get my helmet off), called the ambo's (they're not allowed to stretcher me in from the street outside the hospital :shock: ). I got taken to the hospital, neck brace + spine board, given a checkup, and kept under observation for a few hours before i was released.

    the police interviewed me in the hospital, and the driver had already admitted guilt. Apparently the sun was in her eyes (she was heading east, driving uphill) and didn't see me until i was doing my superman impression across her windscreen.

    Had a look at the bike, its a write off, looks like the frame AND swingarm are bent, forks are almost touching the radiator, steering head bearings completely farked, gear lever's bent and looks like the spindle connecting to the gearbox is bent with it...

    :( i really liked that bike too

    as for my gear, my leather jacket got a hole ripped in it on the left shoulder where the armour is (lesson learnt - wear armour), visor shattered so i have a cut from my left eye down my cheek, gloves did well, nothing wore through, Hornee jeans gave me bad carpet burn, and did nothing for my knee impacting the ground, so i can't bend my left leg properly. didn't tear though, so did well for what they're designed for. Helmet has scratches and scores across the front where i hit. Time for new gear i guess.

    Good news is that the driver is fully insured. Bad news is that its with NRMA who are supposed to be a real pain to deal with. She's admitted guilt to her insurance company in her claim, which should speed things up but i'm not allowed to talk to the company until the claims dep't opens on Monday.

    According to the police she really wanted to speak to me, so i talked to my insurance company (i only have 3rd party) first, then called her. She was really shaken, could hardly talk and was in tears.

    And to add the final twist to the accident, she was picking up her brother from the bus stop that i was passing....

    ...And her brother was one of the two doctors who came over and looked after me before the ambo's arrived.





    Can't wait to get back in the saddle and ride though :p :)
  2. Those are the saddest pictures I have ever seen. Poor VTR.

    ...how much for your wheels and disks?
  3. :eek: :shock: OMG!

    I hope your ok! Damn the bike..
    Can't believe you had an accident :eek: damn car's doing u-turns and not looking properly!!!!!!!

    Hope you get back on a bike soon enough!!! :grin: :cool:
  4. Wow Duff, you must have two angels sitting on your shoulder [​IMG]

    To imagine impact speed would have been about 100kmh, I would say you did really well. :grin:

    It sounds like the poor woman that hit you is very distressed over the whole incident, and hasn't denied responsibility at all. This will at least mean there is one more driver out there who will now be extra aware of bikes. :grin:

    Hopefully the insurance claim will process quickly and then you can get a new shiny bike [​IMG]

    Hope you haven't woken up too sore today :)
  5. That doesn't look as bad as I'd thought! Did you get any pictures from the front or right hand side of the bike? If the forks are bent they're pretty easy to replace.

    Did the wheel actually touch the radiator? Having said that the rim looks straight and true and no engine damage. You may get end up getting that bike repaired.

    If the car was doing a U-turn it would've been at or near it's apex when duff stuck it, so it's relative speed in the accident would have been zero or close enough to it.
  6. Bad luck about the accident but I must say this:

    Niiiiiice. If you're going to have an off, follow what ihaveduff did and crash both in style and in an opportune place with no injury to yourself.

    Hope you get the insurance sorted out quickly and get back on the road with no hassles.

    By the way, what kind of pipe did you have on the VTR250?
  7. [​IMG]You're correct, I didn't read the post properly :oops: Must have been because I was shaking my head thinking how lucky he was :wink:
  8. Glad to hear you are alive and able to post up

    All the best in getting the bike sorted quickly

  9. Hands off custard!
  10. Given it's a comprehensive insurance case he won't get posession of the parts. :?
  11. If the frame's damaged as stated in OP it's an automatic write off no chance of repairing it!
    Glad you're ok as bikes can be replaced! Sounds like she's done almost all of the right things, though avoiding the accident in the first place would have been a better option for all!
  12. You're just lucky I'm not laying claim to one of those trick gold wheels so I can be totally gangsta...
  13. Sorry to hear about your accident, I am glad you are okay which is the most important thing :wink:

    Have you decided what bike are you gonna replace yet?
  14. Glad you're ok! Shakes me up when stuff like this happens (not riders fault). I really liked your bike too, to the point of wanting to trade in for a vtr :).

    What happens now insurance wise - do you get a brand new 07 vtr or do they give you the market value in cash, or what?
  15. mate it is good to hear you are ok and can talk about it. hope you are back riding on a new bike soon.
  16. Nooo not the vtr!! :mad: Oh, and i hope you're ok too.. :LOL: j/k. Seriously thou, good to hear you're ok and you can live to ride another day.. Lucky you were wearing proper gear or it could've been a lot more painful! Also good to hear the driver feels bad about what happened, too often you hear about drivers and riders alike not taking responsibility when in the wrong. Hope the insurance claim goes smoothly.. good luck :)
  17. wow, firstly I'm impressed you're alive, second I'm impressed you're not too badly hurt, and how's your luck in having an accident in front of a hospital!!

    hopefully the insurance all goes well & you have a new bike soon!
  18. Too bad about the VTR, looks like it was a nice one. Important things is that you're OK though. Go Superman!
  19. no good james guess i really did jinx you the other night, good to hear your ok, leys hopeyou can get a new bike before i get up there next month, just remember got a nice gs for sale :p

    take it easy mate
  20. faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk mate. pretty stylish first off. thank christ youre good to go, and if it had of been worse you were in the right place. those bloody kevlar jeans, im giving up on them, better than standard denim, but still wont get you out scott free like a good set of pants will. its good to hear the other driver has been so good about it. its a sweet but rare occurence that the other driver actually cares like that.
    so im ganna join the ranks of the opportunistic bottom feeders and ask whats the salvage situation? im guessing youll have to sign over the wreck to the insurance company if you want you money for the new ride? if not are you willing to trade on parts? ive gota fix mine up after my spill last week. :D
    the forks (inners tubes) are $250 each to replace, you'd need new cartriges aswell for that degree of damage. a new axel is 40 bucks too. i doubt your frame would be bent, they are bloody strong, and it looks like your forks took the brunt of the smash anyway. if you do think about repairing it, youll be unlikley to ever get the front end perfectly straight again.
    despite their reputation, NRMA aret too bad to deal with from what ive heard, unless you are paying the premium. i doubt they'll go scant on your claim. and if she has admitted fault like that it shouldnt take too long at all.