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Well it may be a midlife crisis but its mine.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, I am a total newbie to motorcycling, the closest I have ever come is riding a moped in a cyclone in Bermuda :squid: and hurtling down a hill at 60 kms on a mountain bike.

    I know these types of questions get asked all the time but well you know :grin:

    About to purchase a new bike and all the required gear, btw am limited to a 250cc as I am in Melbourne. The bike will be used for a daily commute from Mount Martha to Carrum about 20kms each way and the occasional weekend ride to the Gippsland Lakes [about 400kms each way].

    So reliability and comfort are major factors.

    I have read everything and investigated CBR250, VTR250, cruisers, nakeds, new, secondhand and of course what I have read on Netrider! The final list looks like this and I was after any comments that anyone may have.

    Budget $7500 all up.
    Hyosung GT250 naked in black
    KBC VR1 helmet [it fitted best]
    Alpinestar GPS3 gortex boots
    AGV Sabre leather jacket [will get summer & winter jackets when funds come in]
    Alpinestar SP3 gloves
    Draggin cargoes

    Any way your thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Welcome to the forum, matti.

    Whatever you suggest, 15 people will give you 100 reasons why you shouldn't; it's a forum after all.

    Enjoy anyway! :grin:
  3. YEah sweet mate you've got it covered, have a ball!
  4. For the bike i'd be leaning towards the VTR if its a comfortable and enjoyable ride your looking for..The other stuff your looking at getting will do you well too..Good quality products...

    I'd take a look at the VTR champ.. :grin:
  5. I found out if you pay in cash and go along to the outlet store in South Melbourne - unsure of address check white pages - then you can get your Draggins for cheaper...

    Still a bit of a learner myself when it comes to gear I bought cheapish stuff as was a student at the time...but matt232 wrote loads of info on newbie rider stuff the other week...not sure of the header but might be worth a look around to see if ya can find it...

    Good Luck...
  6. great too see a new member who isn't trying to do things on the cheap.... the only thing i would say is maybe consider a textile jacket, i know when i started i found them better value for money, and they were warmer too, but with the liners you could remove for the warmer months (but i started riding in the winter months)

    But the only other thing i will say is, only spend enough on the bike as you have too (to get a good bike), as in 15 months time you WILL want something bigger.

    Happy bike shopping and look forawrd to seeing you at future coffee night (sorry groberts :p )
  7. Looks good dude, but yer gonna be travelling at freeway speeds, maybe find another few hundred and get a 2pce leather suit not just draggins.

    My 2c.

    Most important bit of gear when riding is yer brain, so use it at all times :wink:

    Oh, and prepare yourself for the biggest grin of your life when you fang off on your new bike for the first time :grin:
  8. The DriRider boots may be worth a look at some stage too. Total budget of $7500, will the bike fit in that? The gear selection looks fine.
  9. Ditto (& no - I'm not biased) :p :grin:
  10. Re: It may be a mid life crisis but its mine! NEWBIE QUESTIO

    The Alpinestars GPS3 Gortex's are on special at P.S. in Dandy for $299, as compared to the $399 they wanted at Top Gear in Seaford, and Frankston Yamaha. (Who both wanted $299 for the non-gortex version).

    As PNUT said, have a look at the VTR. I reckon mine's pretty good for what I want to do (except for the lack of top end speed :roll: :LOL: ). I see you're in Mt Martha, and I'm local to you, so if you want to have a closer look, give me a hoy (you'll need a few more posts before you can PM though).

    One thing you may have trouble finding out is how you'll pull up after a few hours (or 400km's) on the bike. I can tell you I get a little sore after spending a day in the saddle, but then again, I am normally trying to keep up with the bigger bikes, which might have something to do with it. Might be worth trying to find someone with a Hyosung and finding out how they pull up after a few hours..
  11. Glad to see that youre concerned about having the proper riding gear. Very sensible. Dont panic about winter/summer jackets just yet. Leather jackets are always a good all rounder. As the months roll by, you will sort out what kind of riding you will be doing and then buy a jacket/s to match. A good pair of boots will last yonks too. I retired my Alpine Stars 2 years ago after 16 years!
  12. Hiya, gear line up looks good to me and as for the bike, well I've just bought the Hyosung GT650 which has the same frame as the one you're looking at, and shes naked in black too ;)

    Comfy ride so far although I haven't done more than an 80km distance in one go yet, I also have flat bars on mine which take a bit of getting used to but are great for cornering.

    Yeah ride a VTR for a comparison, but I think you'll be happy with the GT250.
  13. What no kawasakis on your bike list :cry: peter stevens were clearing out some AGV boots cascade model water proof for $159.00 if they got your size worth a look
  14. Bike reponse

    Well someone said I would get lots of different ideas! On the bike front I seriously looked at the GPX250 [there's your kwaka] and a VTR250.

    It seems that I am paying about $7,000 or so for a good VTR and I can get a new GPX for a lot less.

    May sound strange but as a person who's mechanical expertise runs to handing over my Fleetcard to the mechanic when needed, a new bike with a two year warranty makes me a bit more secure. This will be my only form of transport for two years, my wife gets to keep the Pajero.

    At 6'2" and ahem over 95kilos the Hyosung fits me like a glove, that is a major issue for me having been a mountain bke rider I know how painful a cramped riding position is.

    And to answer the question will this fit under $7,500 not quite it came to $7.550.

    Thanks everyone for your responses looking forward to a big sh%^t eating grin on my first ride.
  15. Cool, i live down this way and did exactly what you are doing 2 weeks ago, if you wanna go for a newbie ride together let me know.

    Consider getting unbranded leathers for a fraction of the price https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13927

    Incidently i had to the pres stud replaced in Frankston yesterday ($4) and the leather dude said wow nice pants these must have set you backa bit, nope, 170 i told him and he thought i was BSing him. Worth a look anyway.

    Dont forget $500 odd for inurance :)
  16. thanks a deposit has been made

    Well thank you to all for thier feedback, I have finally put the deposit down on my first bike.
    Hyosung GT250
    Alpinestars stunt jacket
    AJC helmet
    Alpinestars GPS3 boots
    Draggin jeans
    Alpinestar SP2 gloves

    This all fitted under $8k so I am pretty happy, will give everyone some feedback on this gear and bike as I use them. Look forward to being part of Netrider!!
  17. Where'd you buy it from?
  18. Did you get the Comet or the fully faired version GT250R?
  19. Mornington Honda have these for $129 - just up the road from you. I bought a pair and they are way comfy, more so than Alpine Star web Boots.
  20. where did i buy it

    Well I was going to buy it from Sharptune in Dandenong but they no longer stock the Hyosung having swapped for Kawasaki!
    So looked around and Peter Stevens were the winner, I know some people don't like them but have yet to see any real evidence just "my mate blah blah blah"

    I went for the naked bike, loved the look of the fully faired but at $900 more could not justify. I thought about down speccing the gear to get it but well I will be keeping this gear for a long time and I only have one life to play with! :shock:

    Thanks Jimmy looked at the AGV boots and found the Alpinestars fitted my feet better.