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Well i'll be flocked

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Al_Cam, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Just another commute home...

    Unable to choose a target to lock on I just braced for impact
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  2. should have headbutted them to death mtogp style
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  3. you have seen the Alfred Hitchcock film Birds ???
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  4. This is what happened to my son when he hit birds on his CB250. He was, ahem, travelling a bit quick for his skill level as it turns out, and the birds hitting his helmet were enough to send things pear shaped. IMG_20141224_111607. IMG_20141222_143927.
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  5. is he alright?
  6. DSC_0027.JPG
    Now, yeah. That was the weekend just before Christmas before last. The bike was a total wreck.
  7. Ouch!
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  8. glad to hear, bikes can be replaced
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  9. I took a pigeon to the chest once at about 40kmh, the poor thing exploded and knocked the wind out of me.
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  10. i hit a small hawk one day traveling at 110kph "ish" probably slower as i would of backed off trying to avoid it.
    it was like slow motion, i was ducking and weaving my head trying to avoid this bloody thing and it ended up hitting the clear screen on my RZ250 and bounced off.
    i think the bird was in kill mode or something lol.
  11. So is that why they call you pigeon chest. :whistle:
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  12. Damn a merchandising opportunity lost. One thought that sped through my mind was hit a parrot not a cockatoo.
  13. I nailed a duck once, fair on my helmet, and a pigeon on the front screen of the GPX that then hit my helmet. The pigeon hurt, the duck was like being hit with a brick!
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  14. Oh thanks. Yes. :eek: Spiders in my Helmet, stinging bugs in an open visor & now it's any flying thing is out to get me. They've obviusly stepped it up fom just sitting on the pillion hand-holds & crapping on my seat.
  15. OP at least they didn't shit on you
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  16. Wow I realise I got off lightly! It's a roundabout I deliberately take to practise my looking where I want to go and occasionally mid turn braking as the locals don't like giving way and i admit I always enter it with some anxiety and at slow speed. This event had me in stunned mullet mode, but at least i didn't brake suddenly & straighten up.
  17. Oh i was doing my fair share of that.
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  18. warning - incoming nickname - it was sort of high near to the shoulder. glad it didn't hit me in the face as I have always worn open face helmets.

    yep, I've had a couple of bee stings, a big huntsman ran across my face at a set of lights, had a flying ant direct hit me in the eye (it looked like that pic of the pink eye that itchinitchin posted up), plus the usual moths/rocks etc. love it!
  19. Meh .. birds are for beginners ... get some roos up ya =D
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  20. #20 CraigA, Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
    I headbutted a pigeon at about $1.20 two months ago. It glanced off the side of my helmet and hit my left shoulder.

    I had a headache from the solid contact of pigeon on shoulder and sore shoulder despite the padding in my jacket.

    The pidgeon, who hadn't dressed for the crash, was not in a good way either!
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