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Well if everyone else is getting new cars...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Here's my new baby - coupla weeks old. Wasn't gunna post coz it's a BIKE FORUM, but ahhhh whatever... I'm probably more posting coz I think the photo's aren't half crap and it's rare that I would display such artistic qualities ;)




    And I coz I miss having a truck so much, I bought a new "Rooted Bike Pickeruperah" too...
    Hilux 1
    Hilux 2

    Now to go new bike shopping!
  2. Oooh look a Volvo with a Mazda badge :p :LOL:
    The SP23s a nice car, not as nice as the MPS, but still nice :).
  3. It's sooo cute! Great for the shopping! :grin:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. If you're talking about the Hilux... :p

    Yes JD, I know - it's also not as expensive to insure as the MPS ;)

    The Mazda 6 MPS is a brilliant car. Perfect balance of driveability, luxury and performance. I may buy one in a few years when I'm old enough to not be bent over a table by insurance companies.
    The 3 MPS was not as confidence inspiring, and felt a little wasted on FWD.
  5. Very nice, Ktulu! All you need to do now is upgrade the badging for heightened geekiness:

  6. hurry up and make some kids so you cant afford all the toys :evil:
  7. Gromit :LOL: classic

    Why on earth would I do that???
    I'll swap my bike AND my Hilux for your bike, Joel... c'mon... it's a good deal!
  8. :shock: how many vehicles do you want? :p
  9. I'm really jealous of the 'rooted bike' pickerupperer.......I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...and those little Mazdas look quite nice. Well done :)
  10. Insurance companies will nail anyone no matter what their age so stride carefully cos your butt is still a viable target.

    Incidentally, that Hilux is so high off the ground that maybe a self loading arm should be installed to pick up the odd bike or three?

  11. I used to have a Mazda 6, if this is half as good you have a great car!
  12. What, did you win tatts or something?!! Yes, I'm just jealous. Although I have a '96 Mazda Astina (323) - is still going great :grin:
  13. Nice machine those, I bought the same one for the Minister of finance and now I wanna drive it more than my ute.
  14. SP23s not a bad car. tendency for a bit of torque steer in high speed cornering though. also clutch can be a bit funny in 1st gear, (yes it's been checked and replace to no avail).

    all in all a good lil car, (oh... and the funky little orange light that moves when you change the stereo volume is cool).

    i have one sitting in the work driveway that i'm not allowed to drive coz i'm unlicenced. boss checked the odo before she left the country. left the car with someone who knows how to disconnect odo/speedo cable. oh so tempting....
  15. Great car... Certainly would be on the top of my shopping list ..
  16. Toys? its not even an mps :bolt: