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Well, I WAS going to go to coffee last night ....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. but I had to go to KMart at Burwood on my way home and buy a new car battery for the Falcon. No problem I though, it'll be heaby but it'll fit in the back pack. So off I went, found the battery bought it and popped it in the back pack at the checkout. Heavy it was.

    By the time I walked back to the bike I realised that it wasn't quite sitting square in the back pack so I opened the zip to realign it. Thats when I realised that it had leaked in the back pack a little. OOPS !

    Within 3 minutes both shoulder strap joins, the base, hlaf the back, and a compartment separater inside the back had been eaten away, freakin battery acid all over the joint, on my finger (the tingle had already started), I didn't know what to do. *&$%^#X HELL !!!!

    Now what was I going to do ? So I took it back inside and left it there at customer service at took off home, I suspected I had some acid on my Dri-Riders. When I got home I got the other things out of the back blob and chucked it, wiped my Dri-Riders down and realised that there had been a bit on my left knee. I cleaned it up and luckily it had not damaged the pants at all. But what it did do was completely bleach the spots it had touched so now I have 2 blobs on my left knee that are stark white on jet black pants, looks like a bird crapped on me :evil:

    By the time I got everything cleaned, drove back to Burwood and got home again in was 9:45pm.

    Totally screwed my Monday night, Battery Acid, don't mess with it ......
  2. Had a similar thing happen to me once but it was after a night of spotlighting. (carried small car battery in bag with shoulderstrap)

    Darn thing turned over and i had acid all down my back etc....rather fun having an impromtu shower (1/2 naked) with the garden hose on the front lawn at 2 am!

    didn't actually burn me but came close.

    Glad to see it was only your graer damages and not you!
  3. Ahhh shit :(
    hey...you're supposed to drink the stuff, not play with it :p :p :p :p
    Give any affected stuff a good soak and wash, damage often shows lateron :( :(
    Use printer-ink on the "birdshit" ...

    just realized, this is my 500th post !!!!
    Do I get a medal now?? :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Something the size of a car battery is not something I'd be carrying in a backpack, let alone on my back on a bike.

    Just imagine the mess if you dropped the bike on the way home and landed on your back.
  5. hmmm : true.

    I was in a bind and needed to get it there and then. Nonetheless, another lesson learned all round.
  6. Just a chest to pin it on :p :p :) :LOL:
  7. Next time ocky it to the rack (when you get one :) )
  8. Ever seen anyone carry a radiator for a fairmont on a bike? Or a driveshaft for same? Amazing what you can carry :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I have to say - that is kinda funny Doonks..

  10. Had an FB 'olden gear box tied to the pillion on the old bonnie years ago, imput shaft poked me in the back all the way home. Thankgod for 'new' type racks
  11. Battery acid tastes like shite too.
  12. Doesn't beat an entire Busa minus engine inside a Ford Festiva! Oh yeah & minus the cans cause someone forgot them!
  13. :LOL: oh shit.. funny reading it, but i bet u found it anything but
    funny at the time