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Well I just learnt my lesson.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LPCIII, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Ok I decided to go for a bit of a squid down the street to get some lunch, as it wasn't to far, anyway I get home and hope off the bike only to feel the intense pain of calf to exhaust pipe contact. :eek:

    Anyway the blister has come up a treat, and now I feel like the biggest noob, and to top it off I am publishing this act of stupidity on the net for all to see... why? :)

  2. Next time, ice it or cold water, lots of it as soon as you can!
    It wil drastically reduce the severity of the injury.
    Burns go hand in hand with engines, not just a noob problem!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I presume you were wearing your Draggin shorts then for that to occur?
  4. Owie! Sounds like you can't handle those beautiful pipes - send 'em down to me for when I upgrade ;)
  5. The best lessons are often learnt the hard way :oops:

    I recently burnt myself cooking in the kitchen and my god it hurts. At least you know it's not a third degree burn - they don't hurt at all. I found the pain didn't stop for over 6 hours. You can get special patches to stick on burns from the Chemist. These allow the wound to heal and keep it protected. Just don't pop the blister as it can get infected. If the pain is too bad you can take a pain killer which will keep the edge off. I took them at night so I could sleep pain free. Burns can be quite serious so depending on how it looks and feels do consider gettting it checked out if need be.

    Hope you are feeling better soon :)
  6. Yeah, I remember I got burnt once when I was cooking.

    ...Well ok, I was a little bit drunk and forgot to use an oven-mitt when I took the tray of chips out of the oven. But I don't get nearly as much sympathy when I tell it like that :p

    Worst one I had was after microwaving nachos, and the molten cheese[lava] cooled only slightly so it stuck to the roof of my mouth and burnt it really badly.

    That sucked.
  7. +1

    Oh the pain of the deceptively (incandescently) hot microwave nacho cheese.

    That was the most important lesson I learned at university :)
  8. Are they the rectangular gel type patches, with small perforations in them? I've used them, I once got REALLY sunburnt on a piece of skin that never normally sees the sun whilst working under a car (on my ankle you sickos!). You haven't experienced real sunburn till teh burn gets a purple tinge to it! The joys of English skin.........I once had a single blister the entire width of the back of my neck.........
    The patches worked really well, the parts I couldn't cover with the dressing took twice as long to heal.
    Also, chemists have a spray called Soov, which is fantastic on burns, particularly sunburn. It is a local anaesthetic, and it gives instant relief!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. well teach ya for have a bike with twin exhausts!
    solution - get a bike with undertails problems solved.

    show some pics!!!
  10. (sniff, sniff)

    Is that a BBQ? :grin:
  11. Yeah, but I bet YOU didn't!!!! :rofl:
  12. Whippet are you a nurse?
  13. Yeah, those patches are supposed to be great. There are all different kinds available. I would have killed for that spray for my burn. I was draining noodles from boiling water and stupidly looking the other way when they landed on my wrist - and got stuck there. I couldn't shake them off. I was so shocked I couldn't even swear - not like me at all :shock:
  14. No a Masseur, which means I have to do Level 2 First Aid every year. Comes in handy. Although it doesn't prevent my own acts of stupidity :p

  15. Wow, you're good. I only update mine every 3 years!
  16. It's the stupid AAMT requirements. That and my insurance company. It is a drag! I'm in for my CPR update tomorrow so i'll have to remember to wear my slightly higher cut jeans or risk the builders cleavage :p :p They'll be scarred for life!
  17. Needless to say...


  18. What sort of massage requires knowledge of CPR??!?!? :shock: :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. She must be either bad at it

    ... or really good :p