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Well I just had the huge misfortune

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. of watching "Torque". There's nearly 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. I have seen a lot of complete crap in my time, but this was the biggest croc of shit at the end of the turd rainbow I've EVER seen...........

  2. I just had the misfortune of seeing mat in thermals :shock: I think I win.
  3. Don't forget the commentary... :shock:
  4. You poor poor girl. I know a good councellor if you need one :LOL:
  5. i was just thinking about renting that outLOL

    was just reading in the latest amcn that mouse mcCoy, who did the stunts in the movie, was "very frustrated with what hollywood was doing".

    i'll give it a miss!

    anybody know if the movie 'dust to glory' is screening now?
  6. go see worlds fastest indian .. awesome movie :) :)
  7. Am I a bad person for enjoying torque?

  8. Yup... I agree totally, excellent movie.

  9. Depends why you enjoyed it? If you just liked the bikes thats ok but if you enjoyed the story and ridiculous stunts then theres no hope for you :p
  10. It was a FANTASTIC movie which crumbled into a horrid pile of crap when the first custom chopper showed up.

    ie. 15 minutes into the movie.

    Although I did like,
    "I live my life a quarter mile at a time..."
    "What is he talking about?"
  11. I like the silliness/ stupidity of torque, i find that entertaining. My dvd's to watch this week included gone in 60 seconds, fast & furious and torque... mindless entertainment.

    Check reality at the door!!!!

    Can't wait to see the fastest indian......
  12. could of least got some pics of him and posted for all of us to understand what u went through
    but also to laugh at him
  13. So you cant land a bike on a moving train :grin:

    I agree total shite
  14. I like it cause im a ice cube fan and its lame and laughable :grin:
  15. I think the poor blokes had enough embarassing pictures of him posted thanks to eswen :p

    I think her photography skills are lacking too, i still swear im not as ugly as the photo she has of me makes me out to be! :LOL:
  16. There is only good photos of me.

    I should do a sexy pose in my thermals for all my fans
  17. Husband and I together with another couple (who also ride) went to see Torque when it was on at Crown. We were the only four people in the cinema, which was just as well because we laughed ourselves silly for the entire movie. It was hilarious; we realised it would have little, if any plot, so we weren't disappointed, but we were just there for the laughs and some mindless entertainment. It fitted the bill perfectly.

    As for the World's Fastest Indian, have some Gold Class tickets lying around so have booked some seats for us to go and see that over Easter - can't wait. Even my Mother said "you should go and see that, it looks very good and has had some excellent reviews". I was a bit shocked as she is a bit against motorcycles.
  18. i know she has Photoshop and she is good with it!......
  19. ooh i have some more pics of mat i was gunna post!! he took saftey to an extreme...
  20. Not saftey mat again :roll:

    We need some new material to keep us amused, only thermals mat will humor us now :grin: .