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well, i have to fit 5 horrible things in each year

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. sunday night was a late night. when i came home i said hello to my cat tipp on the sofa as allways and she gave me the biggest like on the face ever [she's like a dog]

    at around 5am i went to bed but woke up to loud banging on my glass door. although its bloody unusual behavior for me, i got to answer the door to say 'your not due here till 1pm so bugger off!' to the photographer of the times

    it was my neighbour. i pop my head out the window and she says

    'i know where tippy is'

    'uh huh' [me thinking she's a bit odd]

    'she got hit by a car, she's dead'

    i shoot out of the flat so fast it was as if i didnt use crutches, got to the top of the drive way, turned to my neighbour and yelled

    'common then'

    when i got there she was dead and covered in ants. my neighbour had wrapped her in a towel before waking me up. she picked her up and put her on the table on my front balcony

    i removed the towel and turned her head towards me and said 'thats my baby girl' which was her nick name. all her teeth on the right side were missing. her lower jaw snapped in the middle and the right side punchered her pallet. her back and pelvis was completely smashed.

    my neighbour was crying her eyes out and took it quite hard. she had taken her do for an early walk when she found tipp. i think knowing what you're about to see makes ALL the difference

    tipp was so well behaved and never went onto the road. if a car approached the drive way she was off like a bullet. she had gone into the middle of the road to check out a flat possum, she only had time to look up and run about 1/2 a metre. the car must av been going mighty fast to hit a cat like tipp

    i use to take her for walks in the out door wheel chair which kept her close by. if i didnt walk her every few days at least she would go wondering. i couldnt walk her in the week before her death because someone had stollen my outdoor wheelchair. the replacement wheelchair arrived just hours after her death

    the vet said she died pretty quick. i just hope she was dead before the ants got to her. if it took a couple o minutes i know just how she felt

    i bought a box of advantage for my neighbours dog which mum insisted on paying for :roll: so i got her a bottle of wine from me and gave them to her tonight with the words, 'thank you and if you ever need someone to spend time with your pets when you're away im always here'

    im having her ashes come back in an earn [to keep up the cat lady image my friends have of me :LOL: ]

    so if you ever visit me you will see an earn of ashes on my mantal that reads


    "oi, so that's how yo possum got squashed"

    :LOL: :cry: :) :(


    lost 21k to dodgy leg
    wheelchair stollen
    dead cat

    scooter stollen
    lost 15k dodgy lawyer
    14hr teased without pethidine dodgy hospital staff


    how do i get out of this pattern? its been like this every year since the crash!

    i gotta say, i can cope quite well with crap. if tipp died a couple o years ago i would av been holding her body while screaming on the road. my neighbour took it harder than me

  2. Very sorry to hear about your cat Stump. It's hard losing a pet especially in tragic circumstances.

    You sound like you have a good friend there in your neighbor.

    As for the run of bad luck, just gotta try and keep positive.

    You sound like a good person, it will turn around eventually. Just try to keep your chin up.
  3. thanks pete, much appreciated

    i know this is going to sound negative but every year since the crash ive gone into the new year with a positive attidude and insisting its going to be a better year. i didnt do it this year. there's nothing i can do about it, positive or negative it's all the same and out of control

    ive been thown off my lifes path and into this chaos vortex it seems

    maybe if i finish stumpy's birthday it will stop :LOL: [aw common! can you think up better logic for it?]

    cheers :cool:
  4. Man, I think you should just slot yourself.

    It's all downhill from here mate.
  5. ha ha! i can predict the future and this is true, no matter what, it's all 'down hill' or one stump thump after the other.

    you know, ever since this crash not one thing has gone smoothly, not one thing

    cheers :cool:
  6. thanks caz, thats very sweet and thoughtfull of you
  7. Sorry to hear, Jax. Never been a cat person, myself, but I understand the loss of a pet.

    Things will improve for you eventually. Keep weathering the storm.
  8. Sorry to hear about your cat :(
  9. I'd be very upset about the loss of one of my pets.

    Good thoughts winging their way to you.

    Just make sure you make all yourguests know that the urn is not an ashtray....
  10. So sorry to hear about your little Tipp, D stump.. It's horrible losing your pet like that. :(

    Stay strong and keep positive.
  11. That's incredibly sad D Stump. :( *hugs*

    YOu have a strong character and I've no doubt you'll get through this and anything else life throws at you. Things will get better - I've no doubt about that.. :)
  12. Sorry to hear mate. Pet's are in some ways harder then people to loose, because their love is so unconditional.

    As to your ultimate question, I'd be buying lottery tickets. Your luck has got to balance out.
  13. So sorry to hear of your loss Jax.
    The loss of a pet is so difficult to take especially in an accidental way as your not able to reconcile yourself to it.

    with regards to your luck, maybe look at it this way.. Your alive,and a much stronger person for what you have gone through,
    It will eventually come to a stop,just ride it out and look for the positives in whatever negatives you are experiencing. Thas what I try to do anyway.

    Some say there is a reason for everything and the hardships we all endure are a test for something yetto come and if the higher powers didnt think you could handle them they wouldnt send them.

    Chin up

  14. Oh Stump, I'm so sorry.
  15. That's very sad, my sympathies. I'm glad your neighbour helped you out. Life is ups and downs, I think you're due for some 'up' time... I wish there was more I can say that would help.
  16. Bad news Jax. I was gonna steal your cat, on the next "lock up your pussies " tour. Bad to have your pets smashed up. Sorry for you.
  17. [​IMG]

    Oh Jaq, so so sorry to hear of Tipp's fate. He did have a precious and much loved life. Am thinking of you and your loss. Su
  18. Stump, did you break a mirror or something? If you did you should be coming out of your bad luck soon if that is the case. Then you should buy your lottery ticket :p
  19. Our cat (kitten) recently went missing for two weeks, found him with missing teeth from being hit but luckily he made it through, so I can only imagine what you're going through cause some cats are actually awesome (which yours must have been if you're writing about him now). Sorry to hear about the poor little bugger.

    And I can't fcuken believe that someone stole your wheelchair, that's so many levels of fcuked. :mad: