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well I had it comming...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fastkid, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Just letting the few (or many) that I ride with off Netrider that I have lost my license for 6 months beginning yesterday. Basically I rode whilst I was on a suspension and yes it was my first offence.

    So here I am a struggling uni student not living at home, have a job in the city and uni aint close so I need my license and the judge hands out $500 fine and 6 months license cancellation like its candy.

    Now I dont give a F%^& really, because I knew I did the wrong thing (ride whilst suspended) but honestly my mate has been to court 3 times for that exact offence and gets only fines. Even legal aid told me that he is one of the worst judges for this kind of offence. The system is sooooooo f^&*n rooted IMHO judges are K@NTS!

    Anyways im doing community service for the $500 fine (because im broke) and you wouldnt believe but I can elect to do a First Aid course and Cirt 3 in hospitality (GF says I cant cook) all at the expense of the government!

    So id like to make a toast to any government officials that I doubt will read this... KISS MY ASS and see you in 6 months.

    This post is also to warn people of the severity and that you will get caught one day. If you ride hard they will no doubt catch you. And if you think I want sympathy, think again.

  2. Sux dude.

    You and MG could start your own website now....www.netwalker.net.au


    Nah seriously tho, you knew the risk, took it and got done. Bummer. At least youre taking it on the chin (or in the ass as the case may be!) and can admit fault.
  3. netbus.net.au

    Sucks to be you right now, but 6 months will pass soon enough. And at least it's over winter!
  4. Good to see you making the best of a bad situation

    If only the suspension had been enough of a warning....
  5. Bad luck FK but I agree with TTTT2
  6. Bad luck getting caught, man.

    Hope the time flies for ya.
  7. Yeah, I guess what you meant to say was 'first offense of this kind, as opposed to the other offenses that got my license suspended in the first place'.

    I do have sympathy for you, but all of us are pretty quick to howl for blood when someone with a long history of traffic offenses injures or kills someone in a crash.

    Do the crime, do the time - see ya back on the bike in 6.
  8. You could take the opportunity to buy a triumph street triple, you'll have your license back before it arrives ;)

    (gets his street in July... hopefully)
  9. In Vic, it is mandatory jail for your 2nd "Driving Disqualified" offence.
  10. ouch man

    might as well start polishing the r6 in your spare time
    get a push bike
  11. I don't get this part... why call them names when you did this to yourself?
  12. Suk Shiit, you got suspended for something in the first place, ignored that because you think you are above the law and got stung. Enjoy walking..........

    If you ran someone over, smashed their bike/car etc you would have no insurance (not that you are likely to have it anyway).

    Maybe this will be learnin ya!
  13. I kinda agree, but im sure i would see it differently if i was in your situation (but i never will be because i am INVINCIBLE!)
  14. Is that you in your avatar?
  15. that sucks! how come you get to do a first aid course for free? those things cost about $160! so, all i have to do is be a criminal and they give me stuff?
    do you think if i knocked over an old lady and beat her with her handbag i'd get to do $160 bucks worth of "community service"?
  16. No
  17. As much as I like to push the law, I must agree with Tweet here. It's a matter of acceptable risk ... and riding whilst disqualified goes too far IMO.
  18. :shock:
    Clair !!! behave
  19. I'll tell you why.

    Its because going to Court is Pot luck.

    Steve had legal representation & was advised that magistrate hearing his
    case is hard on offenders ie. punishment given is always harsher than
    what other magistrates.

    I've had the same thing. Appeared on court on a single assault charge
    which any reasonable Magistrate wouldve given me a fine or GBB for.
    When my barrister found out who was hearing my case he told me straight
    out its not going to be pretty. Got sentenced to jail term. Immediately
    appealed severity of sentence to County Court, & 6wks later the Judge
    changed it to the Good Behaviour Bond I shouldve got in the first place.

    Even the Police prosecutor agreed with my lawyer that a GBB was the
    ideal sentence, but no, the f*ckwit magistrate told me "youre a liar & I'm
    going to teach you a lesson" & promptly gave me a jail term.

    I've also been caught once & charged for the same offence as Steve over
    10yrs ago, & when I compare my situation to that described in OP, I can
    see & understand his sentiments.

    His living situation is alot worse than mine (tight on $$, going to school &
    not living at home etc) & whats more, he had legal representation.

    I was young like him & working fulltime. I didnt qualify for legal aid so I
    went before the magistrate myself & basically told him I need my license
    because I have a family to support & was sorry for committing the offence.

    Magistrate didnt extend my suspension & gave me a $1k fine. He even asked
    me how long I needed to pay it off. I said 3mths, & gave me exactly what
    I asked for.


    But everyone knows, or should know, that rarely happens.

    Disqualified drivers back behind the wheel

    Geoff Wilkinson
    December 17, 2007 12:00am


    Victoria is the only state where the law imposes a mandatory prison
    sentence for a second offence of driving while disqualified.

    The penalty for second offenders under the Road Safety Act is a minimum
    of one month's jail and a maximum of two years.

    But almost a quarter of all motorists convicted of driving while disqualified
    in the past 12 months were spared jail time by being handed suspended
    sentences by magistrates.

    Sentencing statistics show 1785 drivers received suspended sentences
    during 2006-07 -- up from 690 in 2001-02.

    Mr Gray said many magistrates felt an automatic jail sentence for a
    second offence was often not appropriate -- particularly where there were
    no aggravating circumstances such as a collision, injury, alcohol or drugs

    "Nobody's saying these people ought to be just slapped on the wrist but it's
    appropriate for judicial officers to have a sufficient range of discretion to meet
    the incredible variation in the circumstances of cases.

    "The ability to suspend the mandatory jail sentence leaves open an
    appropriate discretion."

    Full story: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22934440-2862,00.html

    Yes thats me :LOL:

  20. Melbourne? How about www.net-tram.com.au :LOL:

    Or www.net-mate's-car.com.au...

    Bummer really, but as you say, you ride while knocked out......

    Variations of judges and magistrates are the bane of our legal system, I agree. Some mug comes up before the beak here in Sydney and gets 6 months, the same mug gets the idiot Pat O'Shane, and he gets off with not even a warning.....