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Well I got it...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lloyd, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. This might refresh some memories around here.
    Long story short, I pick it up in a day or two.
    Pretty damn happy.

    EDIT - I can't use computers...

  2. Well let me be the first to say Congrats :D

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. Let me be the second.

  4. nice one dude, i'm trying to convince my brother to get one of them, good reliable bikes.
  5. Thanks people.
    I've just named it Kenny.
    See, I was a bit excited and told Mum it was a Honda Spud.
    Kenny is short for Kennebec, the potato.

    EDIT - I get it on Thursday or Friday. It's currently getting the tacho repaired and the front fork oil changed. I could do it myself but they stick all the bikes in the workshop and it hadn't been in yet.
  6. Goodonya LLoyd!!!

    Is it the same bike that jeepman's dad was selling?

    You'll love it, the XRetard will have to wait eh :LOL:

  7. Yup, it was traded in, it went to Bikeworks. I did manage to get the price down from what they wanted too, so I'm happy.

    Now I've gotta go get 'road bike' gear, because I've only got 'dirt bike' gear.
  8. Very nice!!! Congrats!!

    Not quite a VTR, but almost there!!!
  9. Lovely bikes, Spadas...

    The only real fault is that the instrument needles suffer from UV exposure & break! (They're pretty easy to glue back on though)

    Have a look at http://www.users.totalise.co.uk/~spada/

    Among other things there's a copy of the original Two Wheels road test.

  10. No problems there Lloyd. Just strip out the purpose designed cast alloy frame and replace it with cheap steel tubing, replace the gearbox with a down-spec 5 speed unit and remove the tacho.

    :D :D :D

    Congratulations - have heaps of fun with your Spada (I certainly do)
  11. Nice bike the Spada..just did over 4,500km in the last 3 weeks on mine. Never missed a beat. I've taken my baby to all parts of Victoria.

    Planning on riding to Tassie b4 the end of the year, might catch up with ya.

    Stay safe :wink:
  12. Congratulations!

    :D :D :D
  13. It's here at home, YAY!
    Haven't ridden it yet, the Learners course is on Sunday, so yeah.
    My brother rode it home from the bike shop. He's used to riding an FZR250RR. He doesn't like the Spada, reckons it wants to fall onto it's side too fast or some crap.
    I scored a manual with it too, and a magazine review.
    Only thing that my brother noticed was a lack of front brake but enough brake pressure - no meat on the pads, so that'll be fixed on Saturday.

    Bloody happy, thanks for the congrats and stuff, and for the link. :D
  14. The course is good Lloyd, you'll enjoy it.

    Take a decent lunch and heaps to drink, there's nothing there.

    I'll be there next Sunday, for the level2

  15. Thanks for that dude, I'll make sure I do. Especially water, because I drink heaps.
    I don't know when I'll do the second one, I heard they were booked almost completely out until June, but I'll check it out later on.
    Just gotta remember road rules for Monday's theory at Service Tasmania. :p
  16. Booked out is right! they need to run more courses, they only do the one course a week in the south, and one more up north. Book and pay for the second course ASAP, If your lucky they'll call you up if someone drops out.

    Rules test is easy, just take your time to read the questions and watch the pretty moving pictures :shock:
  17. Ta, I'll go and sort that out tomorrow if I have time.
    I probably wont have time, I'll do it next week I think.
  18. He's obviously not used to a really good handling bike :LOL: :LOL:

    As far a the brakes go, Spadas are a great bike for doing stoppies :wink:
    The brakes should be brilliant.
  19. Well, I've been riding up and down my 250m long gravel driveway, which is probably dumb but I have had some fun. The new pads went on the front, the disc appears to be worn a fair bit, so I might need to check out a replacement front brake disc sometime soon.
    Other than that, it seems to be fine, I just want to ride the bloody thing.
  20. Have fun tomorrow Lloyd, looks like a good day as far as the weather goes.