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Well i got diagnosed with Epilepsy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boy biker, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Well where to start on th 8th of august i got diagnosed with epilepsy and i guess i come here looking for a little bit of advice. Firstly a little bit of background information i had a motorbike accident on th 7th of april this year, luckly i wasnt badly hurt just a bit sore and some skin off my left ankle. Witness said that apprently i was fitting before i come off. anyway carrying on from that the vic police suspened my licence dependent on further testing then on the 7th of august heading to the neuro's appointment i had another full on fit on a bus going to bendigo. where the following day i got diagnosed with epilepsy and instantly put on medication and they are still in the process of changing my medication around to find one that is good for me.

    I guess i have a few questions: firstly how long after i have a fit do i have to wait untill i can apply for my licence again ( i think its around three months but not quite sure), secondly i still want to ride my bike (the new one is sitting in the shed at the moment) and was just curious as to how may people ride motorbikes with epilepsy. The final question i have is a what do people think i should do? should i sell my new bike and buy a car (which are the devil) or do both drive and ride. My parents are supportive of me and what ever decision i decide to make i was just in two minds about it because i have ridden bikes since i was five years old and dont want to give it up but at the same time dont want to come off again due to this.

    (mods: first i did search for this and found a couple articles, but they were from 2006 which is a little old considering how much the law changes, also i wasnt sure in which area to put this so if you feel the need to do so please move it.)

  2. Shit dude. Very sorry to hear! I think it's fantastic you still want to ride, and you seem in pretty good spirits :)

    I can't really answer your questions, but I can tell you that I have a friend with epilepsy and she isn't even allowed to have a license. She may have a servere case though, I'm not 100% sure.

    At at rate, best of luck with getting the medication right and getting your license back! :)
  3. Sorry to hear Boy Biker but as NFat said your spirits sounds positive. I found this Vicroads site, it says 3 months. Hope that helps.
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  4. Thanks 'CJVFR' for finding me that it is much appricated, this is not something i know much about so i am still in the learning faze. And yer there is not much point in being upset about something which i have no control over. Nfat thanks for the support
  5. Hey Boy Biker
    good too see your still alive
    bottom line, this will have too with your doctor
    when and if they clear, you then you may be able to continue with you pursuit of bike riding
    what you need to do is think if you are going to hurt yourself if you continue
    if you want to shot me a pm. I might be able too find out what is required for vic roads for you to continue on your bike
  6. Chrome ate my homework. Bloody thing . . .

    Again. By all means talk to us, but go find out how it works at transport. Don't accept the word of the first nay-sayer at the counter, go find somebody with clout and knowledge. Find out what the appeal process is. Find out about medical examinations, and who can perform them, and then do some research about those people and find the one(s) willing to tell the story you want told, not the one transport's grey cardigans and anoraks want told.
  7. According to those guidelines you are probably not going to get your licence back for 1 year as you had a seizure while "driving". However, your neurologist can recommend a shorter period. The medical report is the most important thing from what I know about the situation up this way. Good luck with it.

    Did you have any warning signs before either seizure?

    In regard to riding or driving again I think your docs should be able to give you the necessary info about further seizures. I would not be taking advice from anyone on the internet.
  8. I also know someone with eplilepsy who is not allowed a licence. Sucks for sure. Hope they get yours sorted so you can get back on the road, but at the end of the day your always better off alive, even if it means you cant ride/drive!
  9. i know a guy got t-boned in bendigo a couple of years back the only thing that saved his life was curtain air bags and he was in a mazda 4wd, the guy that hit him was in a ute with a bull bar and had a seizure, he went on and smashed up a 19 year old girl as well.
    I understand the want and need to be licensed, but understand, a seizure can put you and others in danger which I would think you are well aware of. I do certainly wish there was an instant cure as I believe the 'drug experimentation' to get the right balance is a real shitful process [from what I have heard] I do wish you a speedy recovery, life can deal some shitty cards at times.
  10. if it's only 1 year, or 3 months, it's certainly changed. My mum had epilepsy, and she wasn't allowed to get her licence until she'd gone 7 years without a fit. That was about 20 years ago tho, so, it must've changed.

    Good luck mate.
  11. On a more selfish note, if you have another seizure while on the road, it might be better for us if you were not in a cage. Might be better for you if you were in a cage, though.
  12. my brother in law is a professional driver and he had a fit while driving. think he was cleared to drive again after a few months. depends on how well you respond to the drugs. not everyone does. the science is complicated and your neurologist can probably explain it.
  13. Thanks for all your support, i dont want to be one of those people who carry on about what is happening to them we all know some one like that. But yer im not going to accept just what i read on here (that being the internet) i fully intend to look into it. As for the drug experimentation yer it is not fun but something you have to do. The main reason i posted on here was just get some other peoples thoughts out side of friends and family on the whole situation. But as has been said i would sooner not drive/ride than not be here so i guess its all a waiting game. Also not having a licence at twenty one does suck especially since i live so far from anywhere but hopefully ill have it back soon. again thanks for the support and suggestions
  14. My Mum's been diagnosed with epilepsy in the last year and is going through the rigmaoral of drugs and constantly having to put off driving for another few months every time she sees the doctor in Melbourne. She lives 30km out of town so understands your pain (she'd trying to hold on to her job in town, naturally). I didn't think she'd had her license taken off her, but she is voluntarily sticking to doctor's orders for obvious reasons.

    Now, on a different note, this might seem like a very irresponsible suggestion to some, but I don't know if I'd be mentioning that I ride to the doctor. We all know the biased hysteria that exists about riding, and the fact that getting on a bike means imminent death. The doctor's as likely as not to go in for that. In which case I'd be simply talking to him about whether I can drive or not, and privately making my own decision about how that relates to riding. As pointed out, you're less a danger to others if you have a fit on a bike than in a car. But I wouldn't want the doctor's advice to be swayed by mindless anti-bike bias.

    On a different note, are you sure those are Lawrence's actual words?
  15. My brother is epileptic. He had a fit and wasn't able to drive for 12 months, as long as during those 12 months he didn't have a seizure.

    As long as he takes his medication, he's fine, but everyone has different variations of epilepsy, so there's no saying if medication will tone it down.
  16. my brother has a form of epilepsy also.

    he got his l's (cage, obviously) but started having seizures again, so now he has to wait 2 years no seizures before he can apply again (not sure why, just what i was told)

    as everyone else has said, the medication is different for everyone.

    best of luck!
  17. Not real sure about in VIC but in NSW a friend was not allowed to get car licence L's until they could prove they had been without a fit for 1 year. I think there are different types of medications and that may have something to do with the time.

    As previously stated, as much as I can understand you wanting a licence, you need to consider not just your own safety but the little 3 year old girl that you may run into.
  18. mattb- those words are the one's that i copied off the site that i picked the quotes i like from so no im not sure... I also understand the fact of the ramifications if i drive with this while im still not 100 percent and is why i havnt been tempted to drive yet. but again thanks for all the different opions it's interesting to see what other people think about the topic and take on board what they have to say and to gather the most informaton possible
  19. I did some google scholarship and, yes, they're correct. I didn't think 'motor-bike' was a term in currency in England in Lawrence's time; it sounds a little...American.
  20. my step son has a similar problem and provided he takes his meds and remains seizure free for 2 years he can get his licence, he's in S.A. but I think it would depend on your circumstance and your state laws.
    Best of luck, and wishing you a complete recovery.