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well how can i say this

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by XLAR8, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. so yesterday on my way home from work i seen a car pull out in front of a motorbike, then the rider cause an even bigger f*ck up...

    i was in the second left lane heading out of town when i noticed that a car pulled out in front of a rider in the left lane. now this rider decided he would pull into the second left lane and ride up beside the car that pulled out on him and give him some lip. THE WANKER DIDNT LOOK, he did the same thing the car had just done to him.

    there was a car in front of me and the rider almost slammed into his front quarter pannel.
  2. both cars are in the wrong
    sincerely hope both lost mirrors
    cars need to GTFO
  3. Damn Brisbane drivers are the worst seriously. I hate driving up there when I go in my car.

    Everyone cuts you off constantly, and when you indicate to move into a gap, they speed up and ****ing close it on you. Like that .001 sec they save by not letting you in is gonna change their day, wankers.
  4. + 1 billion
  5. I've ridden in every capital in Aus with the exception of Darwin and I pretty much reckon they are much the same. Sure Bris is shit house for traffic, but on balance, you come to the awful realisation that those wankers are everywhere.
  6. See, this cuts 2 ways. You're right, and after arriving here from Sydney nearly 30 years ago, it bugged me too. But you know what? In Sydney, if everybody gets in a neat line before 2 lanes close to one, because we all know that happens, and some jerk runs up the inside and cuts the queue by about 50 cars, guess what happens to him? In Sydney...:nopity:
  7. you think Brisbane is bad? The Gold Coast if f*cking horrific.
  8. :-s What happens to him? In my experience people are pretty limp dick and let them in. Occasionally you get a bunch that shut him out. That's always pretty funny.
  9. I would take any of the other capital cities over Sydney in regards to traffic. Any day.

    Sydney traffic is sh!te because no one wants to get on the train or bus and there 5 billion cars inching along, all with one person in them eating breakfast, talking on the phone, putting make up on etc. Being in that everyday is SURE to cause you to lose your mind in some road rage inspired driving.

    Kneedragon hit it square on with one of my pet hates. When cagers that feel their time is more valuable than anyone elses, f**k up the traffic by pulling out into the shorter or faster merging/turning lane and then slow down all those that were there before them as they push back into the lane they decided to get out of. May not be right but I always shut the f**kers out haha.

    Another other one is when a car pulls out into the vacant far left lane at stop lights when that lane stops or is blocked by a parked car 50 metres after the lights. All so they could move up two cars spaces. They don't leave any space to filter past and then they don't take off fast enough for you to get in front of the other cars at the lights. So you have to merge into traffic as if you were in a car, I really hate that!

    What about when you are at lights, arriving first or filtered up the front patiently waiting and then scooter decides to filter up in front of your 1000cc bike. I just want to reach over and pull their keys out and throw them.

    Or what about when....actually, I despise anyone on the road that doesn't ride what I consider to be an acceptable two wheeled vehicle in what I consider to be an acceptable way. Tolerance can get f**cked on this one...

    I'm not normally this negative but I have had a sh*t day, it's raining for my ride home and it makes me feel so good to vent. Ok, I have finished highjacking this post.
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  10. No your mistaken for Melbourne drivers you know the unregistered and mostly unlicensed ones,Brissie drivers are fine they havent been corrupted yet.
  11. Ok looks like I stirred up a hornet's nest... maybe we can all agree that just about every driver in Australia is an inconsiderate prick, and should have their license revoked? :)
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  12. If he's passing 50 cars in that lane then it's the idiots in those 50 cars causing a heap of congestion.

    The best traffic flow is created by filling both lanes and merging properly on a one for one basis - but of course no one can trust anyone else to do it properly.
  13. A-men brother!! When I was heading to Brissie a few yrs back in my cage, going up the gateway, the closer I got to the gateway doing the legal speed Brissie drivers sat fair up my clacker, I swear if I'd hit the auto boot opener, they'd drive straight in:driver: