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Well hi there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grim Penguin, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. I've been on here a while but not really posted much. Not really much to tell about me. I'm in Sydney , I'm 39 nd fairly new to riding. That's about it really. Just not ot that interesting lol.

  2. Welcome Steve, What do you ride?
  3. Welcome along Steve
  4. I'm on a Hyosung GV250 at the moment but I'm upsizing to a V-Star 650 soon. Lol I can't believe I forgot to mention my bike! Well, I'd only been awake 5 minutes when I posted the last one. Hadn't even had my coffee yet!
    She's a great bike the GV250. I'm actually pretty impressed. She'll hit 120 if she's pushed even with my weight (and I'm not a small guy) but at the end of the day she's just physically too small.
  5. Welcome to the madhouse we call NR!

    PS: Biking makes you interesting
  6. Just spent 3 hours ripping up a local parking lot with a friend of mine in prep for the MOST test. Im quietly optimistic. Hope they like all the chalk marks I left behind lol.
  7. Hey mate, welcome to the house of fun!