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Well, hello there.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rolla, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Howdy to all
    I have met some of you already. Have been on a couple of rides aswell.

    You all seem like a gr8 crowd, and i have been having lots of fun.
    Can't wait til the next ride day.

  2. Hey Dave,

  3. most people usually join the boards first then go to hq but you had to be different

    great to finally see you on the boards, either way

    cheers stewy 8)
  4. You've met some Netriders and you STILL joined the forum??? Give that man a medal, or a panadol, or a padded cell!!

    Welcome, Dave, of course, enjoy......
  5. Hi Rolla , welcome .
  6. Hi mate, welcome and it's about time you put up a post. lol!!

    :D :D
  7. Dave?? Dave?? You'll have to be more specific man ;) :p ....
    I spose your the same Dave that came to the BBQ last night :)

    I still like CaveDave better :LOL:

    Welcome :p
    Thats worse than Mozzie boy :p
  9. Welcome to the forums and to Netrider Mozz.....ahhhh, I mean Dave ;) :D
    Hope you enjoy your time here and I'm sure we will see you at more HQ events in the near future :p
  10. Hello there ya self! :D
  11. We'll leave that one alone.... *whistles and walks away quickly*
  12. Flipper, I love your current sig!

    Can I have a sandwich? :LOL:
  13. Welcome Rolla/Dave/Mozz... :)

    Now arent you glad that I dragged you to HQ & then buggered off and left ya there.... hehehehehehe

    BTW... the statey is due for a service, PLEASE dont use the bigger hammer....... be gentle... please????

    S%!T... is THAT how you fixed it on friday? OH NOOOO.... :shock:

  14. Welcome Rolla

    Have fun and stay safe