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Well, Hello Guys :) !!!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LittleRedRider, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Hey there guys!


    Newbie Alert!!!

    I thought I'd better introduce myself formally, rather than just eavesdropping on all your converations!

    I don't as yet have a bike and won't be in the market until early next year (overseas). Just happen to be one of those people who researches things well in advance.

    So any tips, advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
    (esp. if there are any advantages I can pick up on overseas, ie. imports/clothing/accessories).

    Looking forward to knowin' you all!!!

  2. welcome to the forums..... :grin:
  3. Hi and welcome LittleRedRider!

    Beware of the bug, there is no cure. :wink:
  4. Welcome. The first thing you'll need, of course, will be a hood........
  5. Welcome LittleRedRider :grin:
  6. Welcome
  7. Welcome LittleRedRider, see you on the road next year.
  8. Hello

    Hello L.R.R. :)
  9. Welcome...
  10. Welcome!
    Ummm... where OS are you? If you can get leathers, etc, I'm guessing they'd be cheaper from the home country, but not sure how it works with customs etc.
  11. HEY HEY welcome...

    hehehe i have a skeleton hoodie i ride aorund in i love it.
  12. I'll be pivoting Eurpoe from the UK for 8-9months.
    Shall be fun but if it's cheaper to ship/post things back to Aus then buy them here, I'd love to know.
  13. Welcome to the forums. :grin:
  14. A warm welcome . . . littleredrider.

    You could check (while still here) UK bike mags as concerns the clothing, etc but its quite possible that duty may be due when goods over a certain value arrives in Australia.
  15. welcome..... :LOL:
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, Little Red Rider is in da hood :roll: Welcome. As far as buy gear over seas i could very well be wrong but would id comply with Aus Standards? Just curious. Enjoy the mateship :grin:
  17. Welcome!!

    I would suggest you start researching jackets, possibly boots- it depends on what you are going to do. If you get the bug bad enough track days will be the norm and leathers will be on the adjenda. Obviosly forget helmets as you need the Oz safety std's sticker on it to be legal...

    You will save significant cash shopping OS and wont have to pay for freight!

    Some brands will be cheaper in other countries. E.g If your in the UK, you can find dainese cheaper in Germany and even with shipping to the UK you will still be better off then buying in GBP. My cousin does it all the time!

    Unless your bringing in 3 suit cases full of new clothes, you wont get hit with taxes. Just take the tags off if you have 3 bags worth.

    Even then you can claim that half of it are "gifts" from relo's

    I think the tax free threshold varies for electronic goods, perfume, grog, smokes etc
  18. Hi Little Red Rider

    Becareful, I have a Dainese 8 Track leather jacket purchased in London which looks identical to the ones here in Melbourne, trouble is the leather is not thick enough to Australian standards.

    Im curious, why would you be writing to us Aussie folk now when your not returning till next year?
  19. Is there an australian standards for leathers???