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well G'day there!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mr_messy, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. G'day all
    I'm John, this is my second shot at an intro on the forum. My net just died I think, so you might have to intros from me. I'm from Melbourne.
    Anyway I'm new to all of this; bikes, computers and internet.

    I've got a black ZXR250C Ninja, I've had it since September last year. And I get off my P's in April.

    Looking forward to making and meeting new friends and learn more about bikes and riding.

    Cheers. :grin:
  2. welcome aboard John :)
  3. Welcome to the forums John, hope you enjoy.
  4. G'day John! Welcome fellow noob (for the second time!)
  5. Welcome John
    enjoy your stay :grin:
  6. Welcome john, your in good company. :grin:
  7. Welcome aboard John, I am a fellow noob, you will feel very welcome here. :)
  8. Welcome John. Nice little bikes, them ninjas ;)
  9. Welcome John :grin:
  10. Jeeez I wonder about that @ times :p

    Welcome John
  11. Welcome to the friendly forum john. :)
  12. Welcome ninja buddy!!! I've got a ninja too, albeit the A model. :]

    It is black tho', so that makes it kewl. :p
  13. Thank You all for the welcome.
    I feel all warm and fuzzy now :)