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well f### me...a scam.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. as some of you would've seen i'd advertised my shitheap gpx on both netrider and ebay leaving my phone number in the description for people to contact me as my internet connection at home is generally ratshit so i dont bother with going online much anymore - i get a message from a guy asking how much i want to unlist the bike and sell it and he asks to reply via e-mail

    From: miguelramirez588@hotmail.com
    To: christ9t9@hotmail.co.uk
    Subject: RE: GPX 250
    Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 18:22:03 -0800

    Thanks for getting back to me on here,i will take it for $1300 including PayPal surcharges since i am interested in the immediate purchase.I just moved to the Malaysia,where this is needed and i will be making use of a shipping company to have this picked up from you and have it delivered to me.Further arrangements will be made with you in regards to the pickup once i have paid you.

    I would appreciate if you email me with more pictures (if available) too since i won't be able to see this in person,what's the PayPal email to send funds to in order for me to pay you ASAP.

    I hope to read from you soon.


    and then received this after apologising for taking so long in the reply and kind of being evasive in my reply yet still stupid enough to be keen on this being legit at the time ...

    Don't worry about the pick up,my shipping agent will be coming to pick it up.I'll like you to send me your address so that my shipping agent can figure it out and come for the pick up and other necessary things....more so,send me your PayPal details(PayPal email) so i can pay in.

    Await your response.

    so after a call to one or two people and they are kind of under the general impression i am that it's paypal and is safe permitting i get the money first before i cough up the wheels....and then i call a old netrider member friend mr loki of which i hear abruptly thru the phone "ohhh shit no no no don't you dare **** with that bro it's a scam" and proceeded to explain how they use stolen credit cards to make the purchase then once the bike is picked up and not long after the card is found to be stolen the amount placed in my account considered stolen funds would be deducted from my account

    so seller beware...figured i'd put this up as my personal experience and something for people to keep an eye out for....granted most of you aren't as mind numbingly stupid as i am but it's still good to get it out there and known.

  2. Thread after thread after thread after thread on this one mate :).
    Good reminder for all though, even if mods will likely lock it for just this reason above!
  3. Well then apologies to the mods for creating yet another thread on it as over the year or so of trawling thru netrider I've honestly never come across such a thread.
  4. He He I just listed my little boat on boatsales and am waiting for the same responses ](*,)
  5. its amazing too how many people that work on oil rigs buy bikes...
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  6. :LOL: post of the week :LOL:
  7. When I listed my bike for sale earlier this year, I got four of those types of responses. I also got another when selling my caravan.
  8. Not a wasted thread, I think it's a good reminder, plus a 'good to read' for any new rider that has the intention up grading in the very near future, 'things to watch out for' !!

    Those oil riggers are filthy rich, can never picture a bike doing donuts on a platform though!! lol
  9. We had our car up for sale earlier this year and had almost exactly the same thing happen with a """buyer"""". Our first reaction was that it was legit then I vaguely remembered something I had read here about this very issue, so thank you Netrider for saving us from that """sale""". To make sure you have a serious buyer, request you either get cash or a bank cheque, if they are legit then there will be no problem with that.
  10. Yeah this happened to my sister earlier this year, she had placed an ad on CarSales and she accepted an offer like this, luckily i just got home as she was about to give the car keys to the guy, i walked past and then heard the word PayPal.

    As soon as that word was heard i told him to leave before i got a baseball bat, he ran away in his car pretty quick not even caring that he had already given her the 15,000$ through paypal.

    My sister was pissed at me, and all I said to her is in about a week's time you'll thank me.

    Week later i get a text message, 15,000$ was taken out of her account as it was being used by a stolen card, needless to say she didnt stay pissed at me for long after that.

    PayPal is great is for small purchases, but people will always use it to cheat even if the card is not Stolen the person who paid for the item using PayPal can say it was stolen and they can keep the item and get money back whilst you are defencless against it.
  11. Its pretty simple.. never use paypal!
  12. Had similar when selling a bike earlier this year.

    Simply replied, "will accept cash only. Please ensure your shipping agent has the funds in cash at time of collection to effect transfer."

    Never to be heard from again.

    Good reminder and good luck with the sale (if it isn't sold already).
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  14. Crisis mate, have a look here: http://www.419eater.com/ and have some fun with the f'ckers. Tie them up so they don't nab someone else.

    Let us know how it goes.

    I love the trophy room... :)
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