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well done lads

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by aaahhh, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. wish I had thought of this


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  2. Lol awesome, got to love bogans for standing up for our country
  3. Hahaha straight out of the book of Dukes of Hazard, Daisy will be proud.
  4. old... been posted here one or two times before at least... however, i laugh every time :D it's genius!
  5. Yeah, that still brings a smile to my face, although it was from Perth the first time I read it
  6. mmm i've always seen it as canberra... maybe it happened it both? :rofl:
  7. I've also seen it reported from Victoria, NSW & Queensland. While it's unclear where it actually happened, it's the sort of thing that's probably true. :)
  8. They probably did have it happen in Canberra, but then the boys in blue thought "shit, this looks bad on us!" and made one for every state to try and cover it up and pretend it was just a joke :p