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Well and truly back

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tigerboy, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hi All, it's been about 18 months since I returned to motorcycling, although I previously held a license for over 20 yrs, it's been a good time since.
    Purchased an '03 BMW R850R before I had even re-licensed, it was tough staying off it that first week .
    I aced the test on a 250 Honda at Kingscliff TAFE on a Saturday and rode the Beemer up to the registry first thing Monday and was legal at last.
    The R850R was perfect choice, plenty of power, in fact too much those first few weeks, and the tele lever front end saved my neck more than once while i was getting my "sea legs".
    Since then we've done over 15000 k together on the twisty pot holed roads up here in the northern rivers, motorcycle heaven really.
    I've grown to love the old girl, she is a fine road bike indeed, but it's time to move on, I'm ready to get more adventurous and want to go places where impeccable road manners will not count for much. So if you know anyone looking for a boxer in really good nick, records and all let me know, because I'm about to drop the hammer on a Tiger 800.
    So there you have it, great to be here, thanks for reading.

  2. Hey mate, welcome and good job getting back on two wheels......
  3. Welcome
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  4. Cheers, thanks for the welcome, if your up this way get in touch and we'll straighten a few curves.
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  5. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I like the idea of the Tiger 800.
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  6. G'day and welcome, TigerboyTigerboy. Between the R850R and the Tiger you've got some good taste in motorcycles. It'd be good to see some photos of both of them at some point.
  7. Thanks XJ6N Be happy to post some pics when I learned my way around this neighbourhood.
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  8. Welcome back :cool:
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  9. gday TigerboyTigerboy and welcome to NR - you've had a good journey already but I suspect the best is yet to come!
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  10. Welcome to the forum
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  11. Welcome TigerboyTigerboy ....

    I love boxer engines but alas too short to get any :oops:. You have good taste in bikes.

    Might see you round the traps sometime since I frequent the northern rivers for day rides and blasts through the cane fields ;)

    And the roads there aren't ... Too bad... Kinda. Lol
  12. Thank You, Valvoline, yes some great riding turf up here. The new bike arrives next week, so if we cross paths you will recognise me, I'll be the guy on the white XRx with the really big grin.
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  13. Once I get back to the GC I'll try org some rides for SEQ/N-NSWalers - cheers!!
  14. All roads lead to Murwillumbah :) Yes please, love to join you, keep me in the loop.
  15. Count me in please, always willing to expand my circle and all roads lead to Murwillumbah :)
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  16. Welcome to NR
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