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welfare of two bikers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone knows these two bikers as I had a couple of things that troubled me the last couple of day.

    firstly the guy with the broken down bmw r100 on the m5 near liverpool,yesterday arvo. How did he fare and how's the bike?

    I pulled up for him on the way to my Christmas part, in the car. he said he had someone coming and thought he had seized the engine.

    Secondly had a weird incident on the way to work this morning. I guy on a silver (cbr something) spilt past me in the slowing traffic on the m5 (again). I was considering splitting but there was about 5km/hr in it.

    Next thing you know the guy in the truck on his left slams on the brakes, stands up in the cab and spits on the bike rider.

    What was that about?!

    Was it from something further back down the road? Did they know each other? Or was it just the truck driver getting the shits with the traffic and the bike hanging around too close and/or in a blind spot?

    Does anyone know these guys?
  2. probably the same crap I get every day when I split - pissed off car/truck drivers that are shitty they have to wait in traffic & think riders should "wait their turn" instaed of splitting.

    I get cars deliberately closing gaps so I can't get through all the time.
  3. Yeah, "friend" told me he closed a gap cos he was pissed off one day... I hit him...

    Time we started carrying lead pipes down our fairings... :evil:
  4. Most of the people on my route aren't too bad. I think they get to know me.

    I get the odd goose, but otherwise I count myself pretty lucky.
  5. i had a 'friend' come up to me one day & give me a mouthful about "why can you bikers wait your turn in traffic like the rest of us!" and he made a few comments about "next time I'm going to open my door on them"

    then he wondered why I called him a fcuking arsehole, refused to talk to him all night, & booted his car when I rode away.
  6. Spitting on a rider :shock: thats a new one. I've had smokes flicked at me and cars trying to crush me but never that. These cagers just get shitty because they are stuck in their tin can and can see us with big smiles splitting to the front.
  7. Answere:

    "If I did, then I would have to leave work earlier and then I would be in the que ahead of you taking up the space of an entire car. Would you prefer that Einstein?"
  8. Liar, liar, pants on fire!.....there is no such thing as a broken down BMW!!!............ :bolt:
  9. Man, he had the beard and all.
  10. Yep that happens to us all I think, in fact I had a fcukwit in a four wheel drive try to close the gap on me the other day to the point that he would have crushed me had I not been alert and hit the brakes, he was stopped in traffic and had a cars length between him and the car in front and when he saw me coming he lurched forward across in front of me I hit the brakes and he got so close to the car next to him that they were almost touching mirrors and the driver of the other car was abusing him and the driver of the car next to me was going off as well, Im sure some people with small penises just get jealous beacause they are stopped in traffic and we can keep going, the simple answer to them would be to get a bike Although I dont suppose the would have the coordination to actually ride a motorcycle.
    As for what to do about these arseholes I have been putting a lot of thought into it and am trying to think of a way to teach these knobs a lesson without actually risking life and limb to do it, I have been thinking of something along the lines of carrying a small spray bottle of something that eats paint and maybe giving their cars a little squirt here and there, has anyone else got any ideas?? maybe I should start a new thread asking for ideas?
  11. Pass em on the other side. Blow em a kiss. Drives some of them so insane they are likely to stroke out. The perfect murder :)
  12. I wasnt game to get to close to this perticular cocksucker as he had already clearly demonstarted that he would hit me with his piece of shit four wheel drive, what I want is revenge with out the risk of getting runover
  13. so wait till the lights. :)
  14. I haven't had much experience yet but so don't split and haven't had anyone try to kill me either.

    I start work at about 6:30 so there isn't much traffic on the roads at 6:00 in the morning and I don't have to go on any freeways or anything. Currently I live about 7 k's from work (live in Boronia/Wantirna and work in Knox) but I've bought a house in Pakenham (about 40 k's) and will be travelling on the freeway to work from next year.

    From the stories that I've read here I'm not looking forward to being on the road with the loosers who are trying to crush me with their cars on purpose. :cry:

    I figure I'll eventually get frustrated enough to start splitting when I have to travel far next year. I hope that I can avoid the idiots on the road! :grin:
  15. That sounds like a good idea... a little pay back with minimal risk the us.

    Maybe when I get a bit more aggressive cause the traffic is treating me like I'm a fly that needs to be swatted I'll have to think of something along these
    lines. I know that brake fluid is real bad for paint... put some in a spray bottle. :twisted:
  16. I was actually thinking something a little more corrosive than brake fluid, maybe acid, and was also thinking single use squirter like maybe a syringe that could be capped and easily carried , I would also like to write some sort of profanity on the paint with it if possible Im sure with a bit of practice I could write a simple 4 letter word, oh and the other prerequisite is the squirter must not drip as I would want to get any on my paint work see I have been putting a bit of thought into it
  17. I travel 37Kms each way to work everyday and going from the northen beaches to the city isn't that bad. Most of the drivers let me go around and some of them even open the gap to let us riders go to the front.

    Eventually you get one or two idiots that close the gap or think that because you left the traffic light a bit faster than them you are up for a drag race.

    It is usually in the afternoons when everything is a bit more dangerous (as my accident can confirm) because everybody is tired and in a hurry to get home or wherever they go.

  18. Yes I can see that you've been putting a lot of thought into this. :shock:

    Now you are getting me thinking :twisted: I can't think of anything that suits your prerequisites but was simply thinking of one of those slim metal spary bottles that hair dressers use or a mini water pistol. Both of these will have plastic pipes ect inside so you couldn't use something that is corosive to plastic. Maybe you there is some tool that is used when spray painting / air brushing :?:

    I think that I'll stop persuing this line of thought as it can't be good for my Karma. Good luck and ride safe :wink:
  19. Put their wipers up.

    Simple, not illegal, no damage, proves a point, amuses other drivers keeping them on your side.
    Allies in traffic can be important.

    Remember, with a highly flowable product like acid or brake fluid, at speed it can come off their vehicle and may hit your own or another vehicle behind them.
    Anything that has an immediate effect will also be noticed by other motorists and generally disapproved of - particularly if they didn't see why you are doing it.

    Something like super-glue or epoxy resin would be excellent as it would stay on the vehicle, is easily applied, and isn't immediately obvious as a clear compound.
    Later on when it dries, however, most will turn opaque and be noticeable on darker colour paint-work. Even better will be if they try to scrape it off when they clean their car later and it takes some paint off with it.

    Closest I've ever had to someone disapproving of my filtering was someone in a 4WD's dog which had it's head out the window! Tried to give me a bite on the helmet as I rode past :LOL:
  20. I've been cut off while filtering a couple of times.
    I just go around the other side and give them a smile and a waive.
    If they do it at the last minute or dangerously, they lose a mirror :)