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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mr Bungle, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. I've bought some new riding lights that I want to fit to my bike (97 Suzuki DR650). I'm not sure where or how I want to mount them yet, but have been thinking about making some brackets to mount them once I've decided.

    I've seen some Arc welders for sale recently for about $100 and was thinking about hiring one and seeing how it goes before actually getting one. What sort of steel can you weld with this type of welder? Could I weld aluminium thats about 2-3mm thick? I've done a few searches but with all the different sorts (MIG, TIG, spot welders etc), its getting a little confusing.

    I have no previous experience and not looking to start welding frames etc just making a few things like mounts, brackets etc and am willing to do lots of trial & error.

  2. To weld aluminium you will need either a better MIG or a TIG welder. Neither are cheap.

    The cheap ones you see are either low amp stick welders or cheap MIG welders. Neither are good for alumimium welding. Plus aluminium welding is not for amateurs.

    Not good news I'm afraid.
  3. Thanks, that solves that problem then! :LOL:
  4. ibast
    aluminium welding is not for amateurs.

  5. It's been ages since I welded at TAFE, but I remember welding aluminium with the proper gas and wire on a MIG and it was surprisingly easy. The instructor said a lot of the stigma surrounding it is from people who don't use the right gear.

    This was a while ago... :roll:
  6. Maybe your frame is made outa chromoly steel, like mine.
    That would be different from alloy frames.

    Welding motorcycle frames, it pays to disconnect stuff on it first. Because the electrical arc might make all sorts of mischif on your bike when you're finished.