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Welder wanted and metal.. Trailer Repair Please

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tailsy, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hi, how is everyone going?

    I'm just wondering if anyone in Melb could help me out please with some trailer repair please? I'm looking for someone who has a welder who would be able to do me a favour and help me weld my trailer which has a few holes rusted into it.

    I'm on the hunt for some appropriate metal too which I could use to fix up part of the trailer's floor if you have any that you don't have please?

    If you know of anyone who has a welder and wouldn't mind helping me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I just spent my spare cash on the trailer itself so I can't afford to now get it repaired at a repair shop.

    Thanks, have a nice day.
  2. Tailsy.

    You can get a mig welder from bunnings for 80 bucks. There are heaps of tutorials on the net on how to use one. Its pretty easy mate!

  3. I'd prefer for someone who knows what they are doing to help me repair it please instead of me experimenting on it.

    The other thing I would like to get repaired on the trailer is the tailgate. It currently isn't attached and I was told to repair it I need to get two bolts welded onto it only from one side of each 'hinge' so it can slide on and off.

    Anyone able to help me please?

  4. What sort of trailer is it.

    A brand new box trailer is about $300-00
  5. Really? :(

    It is smaller than a 6x4.. about 2.7m long and has a bit of a covering in the front and have three rails welded into it but the front parts of them have holes rusted into them and the tailgate isn't connected anymore.

    I bought it second hand for $300. I can't afford to spend anymore which is why I'm looking for some help please. :(
  6. Get some scrap, off cuts etc from a steel yard, will be free/cheap.

    I have a welder, but I wouldn't say that I can weld.

    Are the welds potentially structural or just flooring/decorative? If it's not structural, have a crack. You can always grind it back & go again.
  7. Do you recommend any steel yards where you think it would be free please?

    The floor has a few small holes in it.

    So how come you have a welder but can't weld? :p Have you welded many things before? Not keen on having a go at my trailer please? haha
  8. Gotta wonder about this bloke - 36 posts and every single one asking for someone to work on bike, lend trailer or work on trailer...

    I was going to call troll, but I think he's serious.....
  9. A welder to do the work is going to cost you at least $75-00 an hour.

    Thats why they are in business, To make money, Not give it away for free,

    Gas, Electrodes, Electricity, Mig wire, Time, Labour, Factory, Non of which is cheap.

    You may get a friend to do it for you, But it still costs them time and money,
  10. Hi .. I'm looking to chop my bike, white walls my tyres, rake the forks and maybe remap the motor, anybody free to do this for me..

    p.s. got some welding to do if you have any free time left.
  11. Ok then, sorry to ask and to annoy you all. :(
  12. Your not annoying us all.

    You just need to know what the facts are,
  13. What are the facts? You all think that I'm inconsiderate right?

    How about I offer the welder who wouldn't mind helping me fix the trailer personal training?
  14. You sure it's a bloke??
  15. haha..Well done Ned. How are you going?
  16. I'm fine thanks Tailsy, just got back from a run up through the Black Spur and Buxton, was a nice weather day not to be wasted., a taste of what I'll be doing next week, check this: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=128850. Did you ever get your CBR going? I'm beginning to think you need the trailer to take it somewhere? Hope you've been able to get out and enjoy some riding.
  17. I've got a few angle grinders (100mm and 230mm so happy to chop up your bike. A few spare cans of white spray paint as well, so can give your tyres a quick squirt.

    Just a couple of suburbs over, so can be around shortly.....

    In regards to remaping the motor, is that as simple as glueing pages from an old melways around it??

    Also, would you prefer me to use a metal or plastic rake to use on the forks?

    (sorry, couldn't help myself)
  18. mention you have big jugs and watch how this thread changes
  19. OK I've got big jugs, now can I get the work done on my bike ,

    Sounds like you have just the skill sets I need mate, are you any good with electrics I want to put some bad ass neons on my spokes too.8-[
  20. If you want full car length under car green neons I have a full set of 4..... But I do have glow in the dark spray paint, much easier......