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Welcome Wheel...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by wheel, May 4, 2008.

  1. Hey -

    finally signed up and figured I'd welcome myself to get the posts rolling. I live in Melbourne and have been riding bikes for...25 years...wow, never really thought about it in those terms. I just ride.

    Over the years I've had a few bikes:
    - Suzuki DS80
    - Honda XL185
    - Kawasaki KL250
    - Kawasaki KLR250
    - Kawasaki Z1B 900
    - BMW R75/7
    - Honda Hawk NT650

    Currently riding:
    - KTM 950 Adventure
    - Vespa PX200
    - Honda GB500TT (soon)

    As you might have guessed from the list, I've done a fair bit of dirt riding having grown up in country NSW. The closest thing to a *dirt bike* I have at the moment is the KTM :) but would like to get back into enduro.

    I'm on the lookout for a Spanish classic dirt bike, Bultaco or Montessa. Just had an baby so that may have to wait :(

    Anyway, good to be on board...


  2. welcome to NR!
  3. always nice to hear from another "long termer"

    Welcome in, Mate.
  4. Welcome to NR !!!
  5. wheel-ee nice to meet you!! :LOL:
  6. Hiya Wheel, from a fellow 950 owner! (SM in my case, I'm new to the brand if not to Netrider). I'll look forward to your contributions to the forums.
  7. thanks for the welcome.

    hopefully i can contribute some value.

    will be doing my first major service on the KTM 950 in a few weeks so for the 950 owners, stay tuned.
  8. Great - let me know who you go to and how it turns out!
  9. heh :) I'll be doing it myself this time around. The beast has almost 25,000km's on it now. I figured it's about time I turned a wrench on it.

    http://www.ktm950.info/ seems to be a great resource for 950/990 owners along with Advrider.

  10. hewwo and welcome
  11. Hey, didn't know about that one. Been using ktmtalk.com but it's naturally dominated by the one-lung brigade. Thanks.
  12. What is "one lung brigade"?

    Welcome wheel. Cool name, I would have thought that was already taken!

    It suits you anyway, having a good history of wheels!

    Good luck in your search for the pinnacle of your riding experience!