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Welcome to the future...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. http://www.mavizen.com/Home.html

    So, who will be pre-ordering one?
    Wish i had the cash to blow on one, i would love to see how they go.

  2. Looky there, no info on the bikes range anywhere on the website... Surprise Surprise.
  3. I hope they credit KTM for styling the TTX02 for them...
  4. I designed the exhaust pipe for it.

    Took me 10 minutes.

    Pretty easy.
  5. "dry weight 110kg (without batteries)"

    not dodgy at all
  6. I don't understand what all the fuss is about 100% electric vehicles - hybrids are an exception.

    It's just shifting from c02 emissions at the exhaust pipe to c02 emissions at some coal power plant. Am I missing something?

    If it's faster though... :D It would be odd not having engine noise, I think it could be pleasant.

    Perhaps if we went nuclear...
  7. Not a fan. I believe hydrogen and ethanol are far more realistic alternative to 'comes out of a wall socket' power.

    Give me liquified dinosaurs any day.

    - boingk
  8. Much lower emissions in getting an electric bike 100km compared to an internal combustion engine bike the same distance - yes, even for coal. Now if your power supply was Hydro, Solar, Gas, Wind, Wave, Nuclear or fuel cell - the case is even more clear cut.
  9. The problem with hydrogen is that it also requires extraction and oxygen - same. Of course that's a question of efficiency though. I don't know the specifics of that one.

    Ethanol is a problem - the most common (cheapest) method of production is by extraction from sugar cane, this increases the economic rent of arable land and in turn the affordability of food in poorer countries. While I'm no commie it's a concern.
  10. The way i see it, at the moment we have a hyper-dependence on fossil fuels. If we make a number of other options viable and essentially spread the load by creating a number of alternatives, the strain on one industry isn't so great. We can't get by on just ethanol, just petrol or just electric engines. The future is dependent on us engineering ways to mass market a whole host of different energy sources. The more damaging for the environment the source, the more expensive it should be made and the less viable an option for a long term fuel source it should become.

    We need good planners and engineers today to positively effect our future.
  11. Sugar beat is apparently a far more efficient crop for ethanol production than cane,
    And I think improved solar/tidal/wind techniques are a far more responsible in the long term than Nuclear, and are not dependent on agrable land
  12. The problem with ethanol is if you want to power the worlds cars on it, every spare inch of the earth would have to be converted into cane farming.

    At 350 odd kilo's it would go around corners like a drowning rhino
  13. Looks sweet. Doubt itll ever hit production.

    And the chemicals to create all the electrical/hybrid vehicles are nasty.

    Making things more efficient is a step in the right direction, not diverting the public eye.
  14. LOL, "Core operating system is open source Linux" ... in the future the bike specs sheets are going to look very different.
  15. anyone else notice the apparent lack of side stand?
  16. I still wanna buy a Zero-S bike for around town. (Not sure if they're ADR approved or not, but (1) they exist and (2) they're affordable and (3) they're kickarse)
  17. Yeh looks like a sweet bike but its no good beyond a commuter unfortunately. The 110 km/hr top speed was a real kicker for me when i was assessing its usability.
  18. considering how riders are not seen often, I don't think this would help in that regard.the noise was a way of having the rider heard at least some of the time.
  19. True, though given the Zero-S has peak power similar to the VTR250, which can reach 150kph or so, I suspect the Zero-S is limited to 100kph by the gearing only.

    (Mind you, range will suffer quite a bit when cruising at >100kph)