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Welcome to the enlightened world of militant Islam

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Agree with you entirely, and I don't think it even needs the qualifier of 'militant'. Some so-called 'moderates' also put the blame on women, absolving themselves of responsibility.
  2. That's appalling logic.

    Some men lose control just because the person infront of them IS a woman. Are they going to ban women?? :roll:

    I also think it's appalling logic that this is all a smoke screen for corruption.
  3. Indonesia has (mostly) had a tolerant and liberal form of Islam - but signs at the moment aren't good. And Rob is right... a focus on "pornography" and "moral" issues is being used to deflect criticism around the important stuff, like corruption and poor governance.
  4. The religion of peace is at it again.
  5. Whilst I deplore any moves towards theocratic government anywhere, the "men can't control themselves" argument is hardly unique to Islamic societies. It's a staple defence argument in **** cases in the West too.
  6. It's not enshrined in policy though
  7. True. That's why the separation of church and state is a basic requirement of any society wishing to call itself civilised. Whatever the prevailing religion.
  8. Coulda shoulda woulda, unfortunately trying to educate these countries that don't like the way WE handle things is like pissing into a force ten gale.
  9. I can't think of any state that strictly adheres to that basic requirement.
  10. China?
  11. Yeah, but what individual countries do is ultimately up to them, not us. Unless Australia starts introducing similar rubbish, it's not really any of our business. Don't like it or don't want to comply, noone's forcing you to go. The Balinese might not be too chuffed about the loss of the tourist dollar though.

    Nor can I but some do a better job of it than others or, at least, recognise the benefits and do a bit more than pay lip service to achieving it.
  12. Many people think that theres no justice in the current so called civilised western system. These so called civilised western countries has been either the cause or directly influencing many of the large wars today.............under the guise of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

    When governments loose their moral compas, they could easily make and start wars simply because they cant have something they want for cheap or for free..............it could be oil or some other resources.

    These so called civilised states worship materialistic stuff and money.......
  13. Slow down AZNcruiser. You just exceeded the generalisation limit by a fair margin.
  14. ... and that's not really the topic, either...
  15. I assume you are talkin' about Uncle Sam? - Amongst the biggest offenders of lack of separation, matey.
  16. Firstly the average Islamic beta male needs to grow some balls and stop being scapegoats for this kind of sexual repression.

    Big red flag. This isnt about the rape, its never about the assault. Its about mass control of sexuality. Most of the article is about new anti p0rn laws.

    It uses rape as a tool of fear to enforce sexual morals, which in this case is about extending p0rn laws to covering the human body in public. That moralism in itself is questionable but it also distracts from actually dealing with sexual assault, so its doubly disgusting.

    Please form an orderly cue to punch this asshole in the face.
  17. Also why is this just a stab at Islam? Christian societies have used much the same rhetoric in dress codes, along with a slew of negative emotions attached to sexuality and sexual behaviour outside monogamous procreation behaviour, not to mention sticking blades in little boys genitals so they dont play with themselves too much.

    Islamists, christians, feminists - theyve all got their stakes in the business of controlling sexuality.
  18. See the deliberate mistake,

    If you let the deluded make law what do you expect?
  19. ..I think we should ban "Builders Crack"... you now how much it turns us girls on!.....:bolt: