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Welcome to the Darkside! 42,000km from a rear tyre!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by banoobi, Jan 22, 2009.

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  2. Fascinating! I want to ride one. Sounds like a very viable, even almost *sensible* option for super-long-range touring on a heavy machine. I don't think it'd handle wheelies too well though.
  3. 1) Its a Valkyrie, they needn't pretend to be able to corner.

    2) I reckon he rides like a poove.

    3) Is there a smaller contact patch available?
  4. Ahaha.
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  6. Look, no chicken strips.
    Must be a f*&ken awesome rider.
  7. Valkyries are basically cars with 2 wheels for retirees. I dont think we got them here in Oz? but in States and Canada they everywhere. I would barely just call them a motorbike. Ive seen them with aircon, stereo, CB, TV, small fridge etc etc :roll: basically the works. Why bother, get a car.
  8. how do you get such massive dints on the inside of your pipes?
  9. Yep, they sell the Valkyrie in Australia. People love them.

    I can see what you mean by the whole "why bother, get a car thing". But then again some of these guys ride 1000k's a day, for weeks on end. Why not do it in comfort?

    If I was into this style of riding. (Part of me is learning to love it) I can imagine myself on something like that, but more probably a goldwing esque bike one day. Why bother? Because it's not a car.
  10. Exactly. A 2nd hand MX-5 would be about as cheap to buy, cheaper to run, doesn't need a helmet and would be a lot more interesting through the twisties.
  11. So, further destroy the handling and stability of an already shit handling tourer/cruiser just because you're too much of a tightass to buy a real tyre? Lol, some people just dont have a clue.
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  12. Tightarse to buy real tyres?

    FFS, the guy probably does more k's in one weekend than you do all year.

    JD, you're right about the MX5 being a better purchase. But hey, it ain't a bike!
  13. Yeah looks like it.

    I think its a sensible option for extreeme touring like hes doing, its not like this guy got his bike license last week. And come on, on a Valkyrie i dont think there is going to be much leaning.

    Well there are people on this forum that use Diesel Oil in there bike cos they wanna save a few buks on oil changes. Not that there is anything wrong with that. This is just that same thing but with tyres.

    IMHO if it work for you do it.
  14. I've an idea that Aaron Slight was a regular Valkyrie rider and have seen more than one pic of him doing burnouts on one.
    Not a bad use for a Goldwing engine without all of the baggage.
  15. I dont know, i sort of like the idea of not having to worry about tryes. Yes it won't handle all too well but does it have to?
    The bike will handle well enough for what he's doing with it, if he claims he's done 100K miles and his bike isn't a heap of twisted metal then yes it obviously works. And i cant see at all how riding a Valkyrie is like driving a car its stripped down Goldwing that looks like a HD, which makes perfect sense for touring your still out in the open, comfortable on a reliable bike and behind a screen so your neck wont look like Arnie's after 6 months.
    fcuk and so what if the bloke is cruising round on a tourer you single minded people should be thankful him and people like him ain't towing a caravan instead. :p jks

    EDIT: not really a bad looking bike, i wouldnt ride one but... yeah