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Welcome to my nightmare.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ausfox, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Firstly let me say that this forum is one very deep pool of information and knowledge.
    But this hasn't helped my nightmares.
    I'm a 37 year old bloke who has never ridden before but wants to get into it.
    My nightmare is,
    Do I start with a secondhand bike or go a new one?
    Do I start on a 250 or get a LAMS 650 or something in between?
    I want to end up on a 600 or 1000 supersport in a couple of years.
    I know everyone asks similar questions but I just keep going round in circles.
    Short (long) list is
    Ninja 250R
    2011 Honda CBR250R
    GS500/ GS500F
    Ninja 650RL
    I think thats it.
    Any suggestions are welcome if I have missed the best learners bike.
    Thanks Ausfox.

  2. Welcome to NR

    Search the threads....100 different ones all asking the same question as you have :)

    And the answer.....go sit on them all and buy the one that fits best

    The only person that can decide is you
  3. Welcome to NR, Ausfox! If you have NEVER ridden before then if I may suggest, go for the cheapest second hand bike you can get. Use it to get comfortable in riding, building your confidence etc and after that upgrade to your bike of dreams once the restrictions are over.

    Having said that, you will need to sit on some bikes (as cougs said) to get a feel of what you want. Cruiser? Sports? Sports Tourer? etc. Then another factor is your height etc.

    So, the first thing to do is to get your L's sorted out. Once that is out of the way, then you can decide what sort of bike you want?

    My 2c.
  4. Also check out Cycle Ergo for a rough guide to size of bikes.
  5. Find a friend with a farm.
    Get a postie bike and learn your basics on that.
    Upgrade to an 250 trail bike and master that.
    Get a GS500 and start learning your road skills.
    Buy a CB900 and master your road skills.
    Buy a R6,ZX6,CBR6 and start doing track days and master that.
    Now your ready for a thou
  6. Hi Ausfox,
    I'm about the same age and recently upgraded.
    Like the other guys said, get one you like.

    Factor in safety gear in your budget.
    Helmet, gloves, jacket, kevlar jeans, boots.
    What I did was get a GS500F second hand, late model.
    It never gave me any trouble.
    Rode it casually and for a few work commutes, a touch over 10,000kms, and about 16months, had it serviced twice at bike shop. Upgraded.

    A mate has a 250Ninja, he loves his bike, didn't love mine. His bike doesn't give him any trouble either, bought it new, gets it serviced.

    Buy whatever you like, look after it, learn, upgrade. All good :)

  7. Hi and welcome, as Cougs has said use the search and read the stickies and especially the new rider section as the answers to your questions have been given all before.
  8. Hey Ausfox
    I'm 41 and only start riding this year. i did what has been suggested here and that is parked my arse on many a bike until i got the Goldilocks moment (but this one is juuuusssst right )
    I bought a new 2009 model GS500F. The reason I went new was the peace of mind of getting a warranty as I am not that mechanilcally minded.
    That's my two cents
  9. Hi and welcome to NR.

    in the coice of a new vs second hand bike, I would normally say second hand older bike, because as a new rider you have a greater chance of dropping it and reducing it's value through superficial scratches to paintwork and exhausts etc. However in the list you had I suspect that second hand bikes woill cost nearly as much as new. In which case pay a bit extra and you won't have the worry of nasty surprises from mistreatment from a former owner.

    If you can afford one of the larger LAMS bikes I would go with that. You will apreciate them more. GS500 seems like a good learner machine as does the CB400 which punches well above it's weight. the Yam also xj6 looks good but haven't seen too many so not sure how they perform.

    However as has been said, sit on them all and see what talks to you.